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checked pages with Person:Henry Grimke (2)
Person:Angelina Emily Grimké
Birth:20 Feb 1805, Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, United States
Death:26 Oct 1879, Hyde Park, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:John Grimke and Mary Smith
Spouse:Theodore Weld
Modified:22 May 2011
Person:Thomas Smith Grimké
Birth:22 Sep 1786, Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, United States
Death:12 Oct 1834, Ohio
Parents:John Grimke and Mary Smith
Modified:22 May 2011
Person:Sarah Moore Grimké
Birth:26 Nov 1792, South Carolina
Death:23 Dec 1873
Parents:John Grimke and Mary Smith
Modified:22 May 2011
Person:Henrich Ernsberger
Birth:20 OCT 1805, , , MD, USA
Death:St Joseph, MO
Parents:John Ernsberger and Mary Smith
Spouse:Heinrich Arnspiger and Hannah Unknown
Watching:Obstinatesnooper, Jarnspiger
Modified:8 Aug 2010
Person:Henry Sharp
Birth:15 NOV 1801, Floore, Northampton, England
Death:ABT 1894
Parents:John Sharp and Mary Smith
Spouse:Sarah Kidsley
Modified:9 Aug 2007
Person:John W Boles
Birth:22 Nov 1878, Ohio, United States
Parents:John Boles and Mary Smith
Modified:7 Feb 2015
Person:Zedekiah SOUTH
Birth:1726, Middlesex Co., VA
Death:13 SEP 1813, Carroll Co., KY
Parents:John South and Mary Smith
Spouse:Nancy Violett
Modified:7 Apr 2007
Person:Henry Martin COTTERELL
Birth:1828, KY
Parents:John Cotterell and Mary Utterback
Spouse:Nancy Howard
Watching:JGallagher, Suebado
Modified:7 Apr 2007
Person:Henry W. Bair
Birth:25 Sep 1854, Heidelberg, York, Pennsylvania, United States
Death:24 Dec 1927, Eldred, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, United States
Parents:John Bair and Mary Wentz
Modified:8 May 2014
Person:Henry Collins
Birth:est. 1810-1820
Death:23 September 1864
Parents:John Collins and Mary Kisner
Spouse:Nancy Roe
Modified:7 Jan 2015
Person:James Henry (Jim) Warnick
Birth:1865, Aberdene, AL
Death:1950, Calhoun Co, MS
Parents:John Warnick and Mary Phybas
Spouse:Nancy Finn
Modified:18 Sep 2007
Person:Capt. John Hewlett
Birth:abt 1703, Rockaway (now part of Queens), Queens Co., New York, United States
Death:5 Mar 1790, East Woods (now Woodbury), Queens (now Nassau) Co., New York, United States
Parents:John Hewlett and Mary Smith
Spouse:Hannah Jackson
Modified:14 Sep 2013
Person:Daniel Graves
Birth:7 Dec 1664, Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United States
Death:18 May 1724, Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:John Graves and Mary Smith
Spouse:Hannah Warriner
Watching:Jaques1724, Tammyhensel, Mebeforbes
Modified:13 Mar 2015
Person:Solomon Ernsberger
Birth:ABT 1823, Oh
Death:19 APR 1907, Mentone, Kosciusko, IN
Parents:John Ernsberger and Mary Smith
Spouse:Hannah Lewis
Watching:Obstinatesnooper, Jarnspiger
Modified:8 Aug 2010
Person:Acrata Noella Duff
Birth:29 Aug 1897, St. Louis, Missouri
Death:6 Nov 1977, Methodist Hospital, Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee
Parents:John Duff and Mary Smith
Spouse:Yancy Compton
Modified:10 Jan 2009
Person:Charles Smith Fieldsend
Birth:abt 1823, Orford, Lincolnshire, England
Death:1901, Lincolnshire, England
Parents:John Fieldsend and Mary Smith
Spouse:Ann Mawer
Modified:25 Jan 2013
Person:Daniel Eyre
Chr/Bap:8 Jun 1676, Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottingham, England
Burial:1 Aug 1776, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England
Parents:John Eyre and Mary Smith
Spouse:Anne Wright
Modified:17 Sep 2007
Person:Ebenezer Dunham
Birth:17 Apr 1684, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Death:17 Nov 1767, Mansfield, Connecticut
Parents:John Dunham and Mary Smith
Spouse:Ann Ford
Modified:28 Mar 2008
Person:Benjamin Dunham
Birth:20 Jun 1691, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Death:4 Aug 1758, Mansfield, Connecticut
Parents:John Dunham and Mary Smith
Spouse:Hannah Scott
Modified:28 Mar 2008
checked pages with Person:Henry Grimke (2)
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