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checked pages with Person:Henerich Schluchter (1)
Person:Elizabeth Schuster
Birth:28 Jun 1705, Eisern, Westfalia, Germany
Death:1754, Madison, Virginia, USA
Parents:Heinrich Schuster and Elsa Utsch
Spouse:Johannes Stinecipher and Elisabeth Schuster
Watching:Kaye1966, Delijim, EJBradt
Modified:9 Jul 2014
Person:Johann-Heinrich Buexler
Birth:6 OCT 1794, Rodau, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany
Parents:Johann-Heinrich Buexler and Anna-Christian Vetter
Modified:7 Apr 2008
Person:Henry Jackson Torbaugh
Birth:24 May 1782, Staunton, Virginia, United States
Parents:Johann Torbaugh and Ann Unknown
Spouse:Sarah Brown
Modified:15 Dec 2007
Person:Heinrich Buechler
Birth:29 AUG 1846, Brensbach, Hesse-Darmstadt
Parents:Johann-Heinrich Buechler and Anna-Margaret Friederich
Spouse:Maria-Margaret Steinmetz
Modified:7 Apr 2008
Person:Johann Nicholas Blanckenbühler
Birth:02 Jan 1681/82, Neuenburg, Germany
Death:Abt. 1743, Culpeper County, Virginia
Parents:Hans Blanckenbuhler and Anna Schon
Spouse:Johann Blanckenbühler and Maria Käffer
Watching:Klewis47, Delijim
Modified:27 Apr 2011
Person:Heinrich Joseph Korte
Birth:21 Sep 1864, Alfhausen
Death:1946, Schwege, Dinklage
Parents:Johann Korte and Anna Schenne
Spouse:Maria Hesselkamp
Modified:8 Mar 2012
Person:William Henry Seegmiller
Birth:19 Dec 1843, Branden, Watterloo, Ontario, Canada
Death:1 Sep 1934, Richfield, Sevier, Utah
Parents:Johann Seegmuller and Anna Knechtel
Spouse:Sarah Stewart
Modified:24 Jun 2007
Person:Henry Wolcott
Birth:26 Jan 1615/16, Lydeard St Lawrence, Somerset, England
Death:12 Jul 1680, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Parents:Henry Wolcott and Elizabeth Saunders
Spouse:Sarah Newberry
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Gunnj, Osmond, Jeffhomes, Fsieber, Neal Gardner, Bob1911, Jhamstra...
Modified:7 Jan 2011
Person:Hermann Heinrich Korte
Birth:14 Feb 1861, Alfhausen
Death:27 Dec 1902, Richmond (independent city), Virginia, United States
Parents:Johann Korte and Anna Schenne
Spouse:Ella Pearman
Modified:5 Apr 2012
Person:Johann-Heinrich Schwebel
Birth:1 MAR 1810, Gross Bieberau, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany
Death:11 JAN 1812, Gross Bieberau, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany
Parents:Johann-Jacob Schwebel and Anna-Elisabeth Buexler
Modified:7 Apr 2008
Person:Johann-Heinrich Schwebel
Birth:12 JAN 1811, Gross Bieberau, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany
Death:26 MAR 1814, Gross Bieberau, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany
Parents:Johann-Jacob Schwebel and Anna-Elisabeth Buexler
Modified:7 Apr 2008
Person:Henry Wethersbee Sudduth
Birth:1788, North Carolina, USA
Death:1853, Holly Springs, Newton, Texas, USA
Parents:John Sudduth and Ann Millard
Spouse:Sarah Golden
Watching:Auralierose, Delijim
Modified:29 Jan 2013
Person:Henry Howell Williams
Birth:9 Mar 1767, East Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
Death:Sep. 1832, Colrain, Franklin, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Henry Williams and Elizabeth Bell
Spouse:Sarah Williams
Watching:Genealogist84, Jrich
Modified:14 Mar 2011
Person:Georg Heinrich 'Henry' Karr
Birth:25 Sep 1721, Schwaigern, Württemberg, Germany
Death:4 Nov 1814, , Hardy, West Virginia, United States
Parents:Hans Karr and Anna Haffner
Spouse:Sara Peterson
Watching:DFree, Delijim
Modified:11 Jun 2011
Person:Henry Covington Jr.
Birth:Abt 1784
Death:1866, Marlboro, South Carolina, United States
Parents:Henry Covington and Elizabeth Sands
Spouse:Sarah Hunter
Modified:16 Jun 2012
Person:Henry Denne
Parents:Henry Denne and Elizabeth Wood
Spouse:Sarah Hollingbery
Modified:20 Jan 2014
Person:Henry L. Calkins
Birth:ABT 1821, Sullivan Co., NY
Death:2 APR 1906, Liberty, Sullivan, NY
Parents:John Calkins and Elizabeth Jones
Spouse:Sarah LeRoy
Modified:6 Aug 2007
Person:Henry Hunter
Birth:20 DEC 1791, Madison, Kentucky, USA
Death:06 SEP 1867
Parents:John Hunter and Elizabeth Osman
Spouse:Sarah Leach
Modified:11 Mar 2008
Person:Henry MICHAEL
Birth:1 Jun 1799, Augusta County, Virginia
Death:Carroll County, Indiana
Parents:Jonathan Michael and Elizabeth Williams
Spouse:Sarah Neher
Modified:5 Feb 2011
checked pages with Person:Henerich Schluchter (1)
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