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checked pages with Person:Heinrich Luetgert (1)
Person:Heinrich Hermann Bungert
Birth:11 JUL 1838, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Rheinland, Preußen, Germany
Death:06 DEZ 1893, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Rheinland, Preußen, Germany
Spouse:Katharina Becker
Modified:30 Jun 2015
Person:Johann Heinrich Wagner
Birth:31 DEC 1760, Melsungen, Germany
Death:16 SEP 1831, Melsungen, Germany
Spouse:Elisabeth Becker
Modified:9 Apr 2008
Person:Heinrich Phillip Wächter
Birth:... Worbis, Erfurt, Sachsen [Province Of Saxony], Preußen [Prussia], Germany
Death:16 Jun 1906, Addison Township, Washington County, Wisconsin, United St...
Spouse:Charlotte Franke
Modified:4 Apr 2012
Person:August Heinrich Ludwig Reisland
Birth:24 MAY 1805, Prussia, Arnstadt Schwarzburg Sondershausen Germany
Parents:Johann Reisland and Johanna Franke
Spouse:Charlotte Dresler
Watching:Japezoid, Msedivec
Modified:3 Apr 2015
Person:Kaspar Heinrich Joseph, Graf von Sierstorpff-Driburg
Birth:19 May 1750, Hildesheim, Hannover, Preußen, Germany
Death:29 Mar 1842, Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany
Spouse:Charlotte von Vincke
Modified:27 Nov 2012
Person:Johann Heinrich Behn
Birth:Scharnhop, Wendhausen, Hannover
Death:25 Jan 1867, Behnkenhagen
Parents:Ernst Behn and Maria Gau
Spouse:Charlotte Wehrmann
Modified:8 Jan 2015
Person:Eduard Heinrich Dawid Wechowski
Birth:14 Dec 1807, Zarzyna, Cwiklitz, Pless, Schlesien, Preussen
Death:25 Aug 1891
Parents:Matthias Wehowski and Unknown
Spouse:Caroline Raschdorff
Modified:14 Apr 2015
Person:Heinrich Ludwig Ferdinand Kleine
Birth:9 MAY 1826, Bornhorsterhöfen
Parents:Johann Kleine and Marie Stellhorn
Spouse:Sophie Bastmeyer
Modified:30 Jun 2015
Person:Heinrich Johann Diener
Birth:26 SEP 1801, Oberbessenbach, Bavaria, Germany
Death:14 FEB 1856, Oberbessenbach, Bavaria, Germany
Parents:Johann Diener and Catharina Schnatz
Spouse:Elisabetha Becker
Modified:22 Jan 2008
Person:Heinrich Christoph Windheim
Birth:15 Dec 1799, Cobbensen #3, Schaumburg, Germany
Death:AFT 1852
Spouse:Catharina Becker
Modified:8 May 2008
Person:Charles Cunningham (Scottie) Black
Birth:30 APR 1899, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Death:29 JUN 1984, Tarpon Springs, Pinellas, Florida
Parents:William Black and Agnes Cunningham
Spouse:Charlotte Becker
Watching:Srblac, JarleG, Ggtrask, Sherrysmithonline, Pitchblak13
Modified:14 May 2012
Person:James Lawrence Roach
Birth:17 FEB 1888, St. Louis, MO
Death:ABT 18 JUN 1947, St. Louis, St. Louis (City), MO
Parents:James Roach and Delia Clark
Spouse:Charlotte Becker
Watching:Vwsheldon, Nbrusselback
Modified:17 Mar 2011
Person:Henry Piepho
Birth:12 Apr 1865, Hanover Township, Lake County, Indiana
Death:1936, Lake County, Indiana
Parents:Christoph Piepho and Catharina Seegers
Spouse:Dorothea Becker
Modified:8 May 2008
Person:John Winterfeld
Death:31 Aug 1907, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States
Spouse:Charlotte Becker
Modified:2 Aug 2008
Person:Johann Heinrich Lang
Spouse:Anna Becker
Modified:10 Jan 2009
Person:Johann Heinrich Herzog
Birth:29 NOV 1855, Kukkus, Samara, Russia
Death:1920, Kukkus, Samara, Russia
Parents:Johann Herzog and Christina Dittenber
Spouse:Katharina Becker
Modified:24 Jun 2012
Person:Johann Heinrich Christian Niemann
Birth:ABT 1810
Spouse:Anne Becker
Modified:30 Jun 2015
Person:Heinrich Jacob Fuchs
Birth:17 Jun 1790, Kirchberg, Rheinland-Pfalz, Prussia
Death:28 Nov 1853, Kirchberg, Rheinland-Pfalz, Prussia
Parents:Johannes Fuchs and Maria Schuch
Spouse:Anna Schafer
Modified:17 Dec 2007
Person:Heinrich Wilhelm Scheppenhauser
Birth:24 MAR 1718, Kandel, Germany
Death:16 AUG 1760, Sesenheim, Alsace (France)
Parents:Johann Scheppenhauser and Marie Boell
Spouse:Charlotte Westemann
Modified:10 Aug 2007
checked pages with Person:Heinrich Luetgert (1)
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