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checked pages with Person:Hans Holtzclau (1)
Person:Hans Jacob Holtzclaw
Birth:1683, Trupbach, Nassau-Siegen, Germany
Parents:Hans Holtzclau and Gertrud Solbach
Spouse:Anna Otterbach
Watching:Taggart, SchugRSnapp, Delijim, Researcher
Modified:4 Aug 2015
Person:Johann Holtzclaw
Parents:Hans Holtzclau and Gertrud Solbach
Modified:5 Jul 2009
Person:Johann or Johannes Holtzclau
Parents:Wilhelm Holtzclau and Unknown
Spouse:Hebel Muess
Modified:22 Oct 2007
Person:Johan Heinrech 'Henry' Holtzclaw
Birth:14 NOV 1711, Oberfischbach, Westfalen, Prussia
Death:1778, Prince William County, Virginia
Parents:Jacob Holtzclaw and Anna Otterbach
Spouse:John Holtzclaw and Ann Harden
Watching:Taggart, SchugRSnapp, Delijim
Modified:13 Feb 2011
Person:Hans Heinrich Streit (Stright)
Birth:01 MAY 1664, Kirberg, Germany
Death:16 MAR 1665, Kirberg, Germany
Parents:Johann Streit and Anna Unknown
Watching:Rkoelz, Sonofaforester
Modified:26 Dec 2009
Person:Hans Henrich Bock
Death:AFT 1767
Parents:Johann Bock and Margarethe Schwiening
Spouse:Anna Stege
Modified:4 May 2008
Person:Johann Heinrich Diener
Birth:11 NOV 1765, Oberbessenbach, Bavaria, Germany
Death:10 MAY 1842, Oberbessenbach, Bavaria, Germany
Parents:Johann Diener and Maria Kunkel
Spouse:Gertrudis Sommer
Modified:22 Jan 2008
Person:Henry Holtzclaw
Birth:1730, Of, Fauquier Co., Virginia
Death:1790/1800, Burke Co., Nc
Parents:John Holtzclaw and Catherine Russell
Watching:JoshHansen, Hansede
Modified:22 Aug 2010
Person:Elizabeth Or Beth Ann Holtzclaw
Birth:ABT 1745, Of Faquier County, Virginia
Death:Montgomery, Virginia, United States
Parents:John Holtzclaw and Catherine Russell
Watching:JoshHansen, Hansede
Modified:22 Aug 2010
Person:Henry Holtzclaw
Birth:1730, Prob. Prince William County, Virginia
Death:ABT 1795, Burke County, North Carolina
Parents:John Holtzclaw and Catherine Russell
Modified:22 Aug 2010
Person:Jan Hendrik Holties
Birth:14 Feb 1904, Padhuis, Coevorden, Drenthe, Netherlands
Death:13 Jul 1978, Oud-Schoonebeek, Schoonebeek, Drenthe, Netherlands
Parents:Hendrikus Holties and Hendrika Sibon
Modified:15 Nov 2014
Person:John Henry Holtzclaw
Birth:1875, Georgia
Parents:Elias Holtzclaw and Elvirey Gossett
Modified:5 Nov 2007
Person:Jan Jans Heltjes
Birth:15 MAY 1805, Aduard, Groningen, Nederland
Death:13 JAN 1851, Oostdongeradeel, Friesland, Nederland
Parents:Jan Heltjes and IJtje Landman
Spouse:Grietje Wiersma
Modified:15 Jun 2011
Person:Hans Henrich Schwartz
Chr/Bap:1 Feb 1705, Schweigern, Baden, Germany
Death:Feb 1705
Parents:Hans Schwartz and Barbara Üffinger
Watching:JBS66, HenkCS, TheProvider
Modified:11 Jun 2015
Person:Johann Henrich Wehage
Birth:9 Sep 1738, Schwege, Dinklage, Oldenburg, Germany
Death:2 Jan 1812, Schwege, Dinklage, Oldenburg, Germany
Parents:Johann Wehage and Catharina Kohorst
Spouse:Anna Ruholl
Watching:Cos1776, Sketchdon
Modified:1 Oct 2013
Person:John Holtzclaw
Birth:1709, Oberfischbach, Nassau-Siegen, Germany
Death:1752, Prince William County, Virginia
Parents:Jacob Holtzclaw and Anna Otterbach
Spouse:Catherine Russell
Watching:Taggart, JoshHansen, Delijim, Hansede, Researcher
Modified:22 Aug 2010
Person:Johann Henrich Schmidt
Birth:22 MAY 1798
Death:1 JUN 1800, Voehl
Parents:Johann Schmidt and Marie Mueller
Modified:23 Apr 2007
Person:Johann Henrich Schmidt
Birth:24 NOV 1757
Death:10 OCT 1824
Parents:Johann Schmidt and Anna Altenhain
Spouse:Katharina Knuettel
Modified:23 Apr 2007
Person:Hans Heinrich Tatge
Birth:6 Aug 1787, Riehe #5, Schaumburg, Germany
Parents:Johann Tatge and Ilsa Segert
Modified:8 May 2008
checked pages with Person:Hans Holtzclau (1)
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