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checked pages with Person:George Keeble (2)
Person:George Seymore Puryear Coble
Birth:26 OCT 1842, Orange County, North Carolina
Death:24 JAN 1932, Alamance County, North Carolina
Spouse:Mary Holmes
Modified:5 Nov 2011
Person:George A Coble
Death:21 August 1879
Spouse:Mary Shoffner
Modified:23 Jan 2015
Person:George Coble
Birth:15 Oct 1831
Death:18 Apr 1887
Parents:Abraham Coble and Susannah Hoover
Spouse:Mary Hacker
Modified:16 Jun 2015
Person:George Worsham
Birth:1620, Jordans Par,Charles City,Virginia,USA
Death:1667, Bristol,Henrico,Virginia,USA
Parents:John Worsham and Unknown
Spouse:Mary Pigott
Watching:Allwayslearning, Jimmyjames
Modified:3 May 2015
Person:George Abbott
Birth:est 1620, England
Death:bef 11 Mar 1689/90, Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut
Spouse:Mary Weed
Watching:Npowell, Amelia.Gerlicher, Hassell47, Jrm03063, Bhopper044, DataAnalyst, LeeHollenbeck
Modified:12 Dec 2014
Person:George Jacobs
Birth:abt 1620, England
Death:19 Aug 1692
Watching:Jrm03063, Kpb2011
Modified:12 Jan 2012
Person:George Nevill 11th Baron Bergavenny
Birth:bef. 1641
Death:2 Jun 1666
Parents:Henry Neville and Catherine Vaux
Spouse:Mary Gifford
Modified:28 Nov 2013
Person:George Soule
Birth:bet abt 1595 and 1599
Death:bef 22 Jan 1679, Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Thomas Soole and Mary Iddenden
Spouse:Mary Buckett
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Katsus98040, Doris, DFree, Mayflowermadam, Mhaskell, Rjseaver...
Modified:1 Feb 2016
Person:George Griswold
Chr/Bap:19 May 1633, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England
Death:3 Sep 1704, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Parents:Edward Griswold and Margaret Unknown
Spouse:Mary Holcombe
Watching:Hncamp, Amelia.Gerlicher, Jolayne, Glques, Gunnj, Jillaine, Angel71982, Jrm03063...
Modified:3 Feb 2014
Person:George Boone III
Chr/Bap:19 Mar 1665/66, Stoak, Devonshire, England
Death:27 Jul 1743/44, Exeter Township, Philadelphia (now Berks) County, Pennsylvania
Parents:George Boone and Sarah Uppey
Spouse:Mary Maugridge
Watching:Solveig, Annette, Sandyebauer, Pawsonlady, Bettykay, Quolla6, JSeery, Mymadsenwikipages...
Modified:30 Aug 2015
Person:George Douglas 1st Earl of Angus
Birth:abt 1376, Mar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Death:1402, Lancashire, England
Parents:William Douglas and Margaret Stewart
Spouse:George Douglas and Mary Scotland (1); George Douglas and Margaret Stewart
Watching:Jolayne, Holyhabanero, Arthur Owen, Seymour t, Jrm03063, Dlbradley1, Oggfamilytree...
Modified:31 Jul 2013
Person:George Wheeler
Birth:23 MAR 1605/6, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England
Death:abt 2 Jun 1687, Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Thomas Wheeler and Rebecca Sayre
Spouse:Mary Studd
Watching:Wheeler, Jreedernc, Rebeccahill, Jillaine, Waterart, Apple, SelenaManley, Awputnam...
Modified:10 Nov 2009
Person:George Parkhurst
Chr/Bap:5 Jun 1621, Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Death:16 Mar 1697/98, Watertown, Middlesex, MA
Parents:George Parkhurst and Phebe Leete
Spouse:Sarah Browne
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Jolayne, Bobsmythe, Rjseaver, Bboops, Jrich, Lsinc, Mchunt...
Modified:31 Jul 2009
Person:George Fairbanks
Chr/Bap:28 Nov 1619, Sowerby, West Riding of Yorkshire, England
Death:10 Jan 1682/83, Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Jonathan Fairbanks and Grace Smith
Spouse:George Fairebanke and Mary Adams
Watching:Hncamp, Amelia.Gerlicher, Lynn Nelson, Cachemagic, Vondaeggleston, Tylercolbyhill...
Modified:17 Apr 2014
Person:George Lewis
Chr/Bap:31 Aug 1600, Brenchley, Kent, England
Death:bet 3 Jun 1662 and 1 Mar 1663/64, Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States ...
Parents:George Lewis and Denise Foreman
Spouse:Mary Doggett
Watching:Jolayne, Hayduke, Jrm03063, Scot, Claudiakerr, Jrich, Jaques1724, Bankash, Dixie1989
Modified:14 Sep 2012
Person:George Lewis
Chr/Bap:11 Nov 1627, Brenchley, Kent, England
Death:20 Mar 1709/10, Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:George Lewis and Mary Doggett
Spouse:Mary Lombard
Watching:Jolayne, Hayduke, Scot, Claudiakerr, Jrich, Jaques1724, Reammann, Dixie1989
Modified:16 Apr 2015
Person:George Sumner
Birth:1634, Bicester, Oxfordshire, England
Death:11 Dec 1715, Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:William Sumner and Mary Swift
Spouse:Mary Baker
Watching:Hncamp, Mission2, Jrich, Susan Irish, Cherylhoxie, Tclough, Neal Gardner, Loulehmann
Modified:4 Dec 2015
Person:George Abbott
Chr/Bap:24 Nov 1586, Chappel, Essex, England
Death:bet 30 Mar 1647 and 30 Aug 1647, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts, United States (probably)
Parents:Thomas Abbott and Anne Unknown
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Hbyrne, FDMickelson, Jrm03063, Jaques1724, Khaentlahn, Mebeforbes
Modified:30 Mar 2015
Person:George Nevill 5th Baron Bergavenny
Birth:abt 1469
Death:13 Jun 1535, Birling, Kent, England
Parents:George Neville and Margaret Fenne
Spouse:...n (1); George Nevill and Mary Stafford (1); George Nevill and Mary Brooke
Watching:Dlongmore, Happyacres, Chessjcc, Jrm03063, Claudiakerr, Werebear, Colby Farrington
Modified:17 Nov 2013
checked pages with Person:George Keeble (2)
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