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checked pages with Person:Elizabeth Tolderby (1)
Person:Elizabeth Brooke
Chr/Bap:20 Jul 1562, St. Leonard Eastcheap, London, England
Burial:25 Aug 1592, St. Leonard Eastcheap, London, England
Parents:John Brooke and Elizabeth Whetman
Spouse:Thomas Berrie
Watching:DataAnalyst, FranklySpeaking
Modified:16 Mar 2012
Person:Elizabeth Sophia Cotton
Birth:Abt 1826, Poplar, London, England
Death:1901, Poplar, London, England
Parents:John Cotton and Unknown
Spouse:Thomas Dickson
Watching:Jocelyn K B
Modified:28 May 2013
Person:Elizabeth Garrard
Birth:19 Apr 1639
Death:21 Feb 1682/83
Parents:John Garrard and Jane Lambarde
Spouse:Nicholas Gould
Modified:27 Jul 2013
Person:Elizabeth Aldersey
Burial:25 May 1653, London, London, England
Parents:John Aldersey and Anne Lowe
Spouse:Willliam Pitchford
Modified:11 Aug 2013
Person:Elizabeth Byron
Parents:John Byron and Margary Booth
Spouse:Thomas Assheton
Modified:9 Mar 2012
Person:Amelia Elizabeth Lorimer Reed
Birth:09 JUL 1860, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England
Death:BET APR 1938 AND JUN 1938, Islington, London, England
Parents:John Reed and Celia Bielefeld
Spouse:Thomas Waterhouse
Modified:13 Jun 2015
Person:Elizabeth Salisbury
Birth:Abt. 1614, England
Death:Aft. November 16, 1654
Parents:John Salisbury and Margaret Crowley
Spouse:Thomas Lawton
Watching:Mhaskell, Bboops, Sgeiger, Gramma's Garden, Fsieber, Susan Irish, Bruce Kendall...
Modified:1 Sep 2008
Person:Elizabeth Northend
Birth:abt 1612, England
Parents:John Northend and Elizabeth Unknown
Spouse:Francis Parrat
Watching:Npowell, Kennebec1, DonEThom, Jaques1724
Modified:1 Feb 2013
Person:Elizabeth Bunckom
Birth:1569, Dorset, England
Death:1596, England
Parents:John Bunckcom and Thamsen Lincscombe
Spouse:Thomas Charde
Watching:Jameslhahn, M Feeney, Fsieber, Rfelsing
Modified:28 May 2008
Person:Elizabeth Molyneux Or Molineus
Birth:ABT 1540, Of, , , , England
Parents:John Molyneux Or Molineus and Unknown Lascelles
Spouse:Thomas Cornwallis
Watching:Lynn Nelson, Jrich
Modified:28 Mar 2007
Person:Elizabeth Tidd
Birth:19 Sep 1622, England
Death:Aug 1664, Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:John Tidd and Unknown
Spouse:Thomas Fuller
Watching:Tclough, Neal Gardner
Modified:11 Jan 2011
Person:Elizabeth Slee
Birth:1619, England
Death:10 OCT 1686
Parents:John Slee and Unknown
Spouse:Thomas Marks
Watching:Bkuehmstedt, Sfthorpe
Modified:25 Aug 2010
Person:Elizabeth Delebere
Birth:19 MAY 1338
Death:13 MAY 1428
Parents:John Delebere and Agnes Tuberville
Spouse:Thomas Crophull
Watching:Neilosufan, Borgsteede, JeffreyRLehrer, Kaela, Fmizrany, Jhamstra, Colby Farrington...
Modified:17 Nov 2008
Person:Elizabeth Wheeler
Chr/Bap:10 Jan 1618, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Death:16 Jul 1690, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:John Wheeler and Ann Yeoman
Spouse:Matthias Button
Watching:Npowell, Rjseaver, Rfield, Jrm03063, Gramma's Garden, Klaidlaw, Jaques1724, Chrisb...
Modified:17 Feb 2013
Person:Elizabeth Church
Birth:Abt 1570, of Maldon, Essex, England
Death:1630, Little Baddow, Essex, England
Parents:John Church and Mary Tyrrell
Spouse:Thomas Vessey
Watching:Evanlivie, Fsieber, SelenaManley, Jenniferphillips06, Colby Farrington, Rfelsing...
Modified:15 Mar 2012
Person:Elizabeth Saint John
Birth:ABT 1488, Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England
Parents:John St. John and Sybil verch Morgan
Spouse:Thomas Rotheron
Modified:26 May 2014
Person:Elizabeth Tomson
Birth:28 Jan 1654, Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States
Death:bet 14 Jan 1717 and 21 Sep 1717, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:John Tomson and Mary Cooke
Spouse:Thomas Swift
Watching:Npowell, Mayflowermadam, Jrich, Kennebec1, JanetB2k2, FranklySpeaking
Modified:28 Feb 2014
Person:Elizabeth Marshall
Chr/Bap:24 Mar 1602/03, Exeter, Devon, England
Death:est 1641
Parents:John Marshall and Alice Bevys
Spouse:Thomas Trowbridge
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Oblyvia, Feenerty, Psychobarb, Butch57, Jaques1724
Modified:28 Feb 2012
Person:Elizabeth White
Birth:1564, Stanton-St. John, Oxfordshire, England
Death:aft 29 Mar 1648, Little Bourton, Oxfordshire, England
Parents:John White and Isabel Bawle
Spouse:Thomas Gardner
Watching:Nerak, Klewis47, Jrm03063, Drewwalkerski, Jrich, Mebeforbes
Modified:10 Sep 2011
checked pages with Person:Elizabeth Tolderby (1)
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