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checked pages with Person:Elizabeth Robertson (49)
Person:Col. James Robertson
Birth:16 NOV 1738, Augusta County, Virginia
Death:28 Aug 1833, Lincoln County, Kentucky
Parents:Matthew Robertson and Martha Givens
Spouse:Margaret Poage
Watching:Delijim, Regivens
Modified:10 Apr 2014
Person:Col. Alexander Robertson
Birth:1 MAR 1740/41
Death:13 JAN 1810, Augusta County, Virginia
Parents:Matthew Robertson and Martha Givens
Spouse:Elizabeth Crawford
Watching:Delijim, Jonmcrawford
Modified:25 Nov 2009
Person:William Robertson
Birth:ABT 1748, Augusta County, Virginia
Death:12 NOV 1831, Augusta County, Virginia
Parents:Matthew Robertson and Martha Givens
Spouse:Ann Crawford
Modified:28 Aug 2014
Person:Jane Robertson
Birth:BET 1741 AND 1743
Death:AFT 1808
Parents:Matthew Robertson and Martha Givens
Spouse:John Blair
Modified:25 Nov 2009
Person:Elizabeth Edward Robertson
Birth:16 Aug 1868, Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah, USA
Death:7 Jan 1948
Parents:James Robertson and Matilda Graham
Spouse:Jacob Schwartz
Modified:12 Sep 2007
Person:Matilda Elizabeth Robertson
Birth:5 May 1856, Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah, USA
Death:11 Mar 1943, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Parents:James Robertson and Matilda Graham
Spouse:William Chesley
Modified:12 Sep 2007
Person:Elizabeth Robertson
Birth:ABT 1721, Virginia
Parents:James Robertson and Unknown
Spouse:James Crawford
Watching:PWRECTOR, Delijim, Jonmcrawford
Modified:5 Apr 2014
Person:Elizabeth Robertson
Birth:04 Feb 1763, Prob. Augusta County, Virginia
Death:11 Jun 1842, Bourbon County, Kentucky
Parents:James Robertson and Margaret Poage
Spouse:Samuel Givens
Watching:Delijim, Regivens
Modified:28 May 2009
Person:Elizabeth "Betsy" Robertson
Birth:Amherst County, Virginia
Death:ABT. 1810, Franklin County, Virginia
Parents:Arthur Robertson and Milley Unknown
Spouse:Augustine Proffit
Watching:Genealogist84, Bevbh
Modified:14 Nov 2008
Person:Elizabeth Robertson
Birth:24 FEB 1753, Ashe, North Carolina, USA
Death:01 NOV 1814, Ashe, North Carolina, USA
Parents:William Robertson and Elizabeth Crockett
Spouse:James Cox
Watching:Philipkcraig, Delijim
Modified:12 Jul 2009
Person:Elizabeth ROBERTSON
Birth:13 Jun 1697, Liberton, Midlothian, Scotland
Death:BEF 1761
Parents:John Robertson and Mary Evart Or Ewart
Spouse:William Walters
Modified:28 Mar 2007
Person:Elizabeth Robertson
Parents:John Robertson and Sarah Jennings
Spouse:James Porter
Modified:14 Sep 2007
Person:Elizabeth Robertson
Birth:ABT 1856
Parents:Jessie Robertson and Unknown Jennie
Spouse:James Wilson
Modified:13 Jul 2008
Person:Elizabeth R. Robertson
Birth:6 APR 1761, Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia
Parents:William Robertson and Leticia Kerr
Spouse:Robert Douglass
Modified:6 Jul 2009
Person:Elizabeth Robertson
Birth:WFT Est 1761-1769, prob. Augusta County, Virginia
Parents:John Robertson and Mary Lessley
Modified:7 Oct 2009
Person:Martha Robertson
Birth:8 Jan 1890, Callaway, Custer, Nebraska
Death:6 Mar 1979, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Parents:Walter Robertson and Martha Johnston
Spouse:Jesse Williams
Modified:28 Feb 2011
Person:Elizabeth Robertson
Birth:8 Dec 1789, York, South Carolina, United States
Death:27 Nov 1875, Madison, Tennessee, United States
Parents:William Robertson and Mary Carley
Spouse:John Barnett
Modified:24 Apr 2011
Person:Elizabeth Robertson
Birth:abt. 1735, Henrico County, Virginia
Parents:John Robertson and Tabitha Jones
Spouse:Daniel Hogan
Modified:13 Jan 2014
Person:Elizabeth 'Betsy' Robertson
Birth:bet. 1741-1750, Albemarle County, Virginia
Death:1 May 1832, Nelson County, Virginia
Parents:James Robertson and Rebeckah Royston
Spouse:Robert Henderson
Modified:7 Apr 2014
checked pages with Person:Elizabeth Robertson (49)
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