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checked pages with Person:Edward Bumpas (1)
Person:Edward Fuller
Chr/Bap:4 Sep 1575, Redenhall, Norfolk, England
Death:Jan 1620/21, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Robert Fuller and Sarah Dunkhorne
Watching:Npowell, Amelia.Gerlicher, Jreedernc, Jbernard, GayelKnott, Jrm03063, Thomasjlamb...
Modified:21 Sep 2015
Person:Edward Hazen
Chr/Bap:24 Dec 1614, Cadney, Lincolnshire, England
Death:22 Jul 1683, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Thomas Hassen and Elizabeth Unknown
Spouse:Hannah Grant
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Jolayne, Jrm03063, Williamknight57, Jaques1724, Gold lotus 99...
Modified:30 Nov 2014
Person:Edward Lewis
Chr/Bap:25 May 1634, Staplehurst, Kent, England
Death:29 Mar 1703, Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:George Lewis and Mary Doggett
Spouse:Hannah Cobb
Watching:Jolayne, Hayduke, Claudiakerr, Jrich, Jaques1724, Bankash, Dixie1989
Modified:13 Sep 2012
Person:Edward Grannis
Birth:1630, England
Death:10 Dec 1719, North Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Spouse:Elizabeth Andrews
Watching:Jolayne, Bwmitch, Jimlatimer, Jaques1724
Modified:9 Dec 2011
Person:Edward Mosby
Birth:1595, Westover,Charles City,Virginia,USA
Death:1663, Charles City,Henrico,Virginia,USA
Watching:Mtnee1, Twhiteside, Cthrnvl, New.incarnation
Modified:14 Nov 2012
Person:Edward Graham
Birth:19 Oct 1801, Cumberland, England
Spouse:Hannah Binns
Watching:Just Alf, DataAnalyst
Modified:28 Oct 2014
Person:Edward Kendrick
Birth:29 Nov 1841, Winwick, Northamptonshire, England
Death:15 Dec 1902, Maidstone, Essex, Ontario, Canada
Spouse:Hannah Lee
Watching:Raganosis, BruceU
Modified:29 Nov 2014
Person:Edward Fermor
Birth:1754, Sussex, England
Death:6 May 1826, Rotherfield, Sussex, England
Parents:Edward Fermor and Mary Potter
Spouse:Hannah Hobbs
Watching:Kenamoore, Ksmm
Modified:10 Oct 2010
Person:Captain Edward Gove Sr.
Birth:ABT 1637, London, England
Death:29 MAY 1691, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA
Parents:John Gove and Mary Shard
Spouse:Hannah Partridge
Watching:Suefitz, Obstinatesnooper
Modified:8 Aug 2010
Person:Sergeant Edward Mellowes
Birth:24 Aug 1609, Odell, Bedfordshire, England
Death:5 May 1650, Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Parents:Abraham Mellowes and Martha Bulkeley
Spouse:Hannah Smith
Watching:DataAnalyst, Jaques1724
Modified:20 Aug 2011
Person:Edward JENKINS
Birth:9 SEP 1810, Mathon, Worcester, England
Death:24 JAN 1843, Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
Parents:Thomas Jenkins and Esther Bruton Brewton
Spouse:Hannah Barber
Modified:28 Feb 2007
Person:Edward Phillips
Birth:2 Apr 1813, Oxenhall, Gloucestershire, England
Death:Kaysville, Davis, Utah, USA
Parents:William Phillips and Mary Presdee
Spouse:Hannah Simmons
Modified:3 Jun 2007
Person:Edward Cutting
Birth:18 Jun 1812, Brampton, Suffolk, England
Parents:Unknown and Susan Cudden
Spouse:Hannah Moore
Modified:7 Jul 2011
Person:Edward Lee
Parents:Thomas Lee and Elizabeth Catling
Spouse:Hannah Ilott
Modified:14 Mar 2008
Person:Edward Prickett
Birth:ABT 1850, Northolt, Mx.
Parents:Henry Prickett and Mary Sparkes
Spouse:Hannah Seamons
Modified:21 Feb 2009
Person:Edward George Groombridge
Birth:19 October 1844, Southwark, London, England
Death:31 March 1911, Wanganui, Wellington, New Zealand
Parents:Edward Groombridge and Mary Butler
Spouse:Hannah Gatfield
Modified:6 Sep 2012
Person:Edward Reavis
Birth:1680, England
Death:1751, Northampton, North Carolina, United States
Spouse:Hannah Alley
Modified:20 Aug 2014
Person:Edward Boone
Birth:17 Jun 1815, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Death:13 Apr 1869, Neath, Glamorgan, Wales
Parents:George Boone and Martha Rees
Spouse:Hannah Napper
Watching:Just Alf
Modified:31 Jan 2015
Person:Edward Brooker
Birth:Abt 1869, Gillingham, Norfolk, England
Spouse:Hannah Hills
Modified:13 Sep 2007
checked pages with Person:Edward Bumpas (1)
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