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checked pages with Person:Conrad Amberger (2)
Person:Jacob Frederick Amberger
Birth:1 JAN 1715/16, Boennigheim, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany
Parents:Conrad Amberger and Anna Schunig
Modified:5 Aug 2010
Person:Johan Conrad Amberger
Birth:23 SEP 1646, Bonnigheim, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany
Death:12 FEB 1717/18
Spouse:Anna Lederer
Watching:Delijim, Tamburgey
Modified:5 Aug 2010
Person:Conrad C Creager
Birth:9 FEB 1734/35, Oley Hills,Philadelphia County(now Berks),Pennsylvania
Death:24 FEB 1808, Frederick,Frederick,Maryland
Parents:Johann Krieger and Anna Hoffarth
Spouse:Anna Eader
Watching:Mlcd, Klewis47, Jonjay, Kernelzx
Modified:20 Oct 2009
Person:Conrad J. BAINER
Birth:FEB 1871, Sandusky, OH
Death:5 AUG 1903, Sheveport, LA
Parents:John Bainer and Anna Kline Or
Spouse:Anna Harman
Modified:19 Sep 2007
Person:Conrad Ludwig Mohn
Birth:FEB 1728/29, Langenselbold, Hessen, Nassau, Preussen
Death:2 JAN 1796, Spring Twp, PA
Parents:Johannes Mohn and Anna Hack
Spouse:Anna Bautz
Modified:27 Dec 2009
Person:Conrad Rutherhausen
Birth:6 SEP 1641
Death:22 AUG 1711
Parents:Hans Rutherhausen and Anna Kolp
Spouse:Barbara Streckeisen
Modified:21 Nov 2007
Person:Johann-Conrad Veith
Birth:14 AUG 1819, Lichtenberg, Hesse-Darmstadt
Parents:Johannes Veith and Anna-Catharine Winter
Spouse:Anna-Christina Buechler
Modified:7 Apr 2008
Person:Conrad Reitz
Parents:Johannes Reitz and Anna Johann
Modified:24 Jun 2012
Person:Conrad Johannes
Birth:1817, Kukkus, Samara, Russia
Parents:Johann Johannes and Anna Betz
Spouse:Anna Reitz
Modified:24 Jun 2012
Person:John Conrad SCHOMBERG
Birth:13 JUN 1835, Niedermollrich, Cassel, Hesse, Germany
Death:21 JUL 1907, Nichols, Pike, Iowa
Parents:Johannes Schomberg and Anna Gude
Spouse:Anna Pilgram
Watching:Joana1493, Sschombg
Modified:4 Nov 2009
Person:Johann Christophel Schwartz
Birth:1634, <Walsheim, , Saarland Bezirk, Germany>
Death:30 Nov 1709, Walsheim, Saarland, Germany
Parents:Hans Schwartz and Anna Unknown
Spouse:Anna Henrichi
Modified:23 Sep 2007
Person:Georg-Philipp Buexler
Birth:24 JAN 1789, Rodau, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany
Death:15 JAN 1858, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany
Parents:Johann-Heinrich Buexler and Anna-Christian Vetter
Spouse:Anna-Barbara Lautenschlaeger
Modified:7 Apr 2008
Person:Johann Conrad Bock
Birth:22 Mar 1738/39
Death:12 Mar 1792
Parents:Hans Bock and Anna Schwiens
Spouse:Anna Stege
Modified:7 Jun 2008
Person:Johann Conrad Baum
Birth:09 SEP 1845
Parents:Johannes Baum and Anna Reitz
Spouse:Anna Hierstein
Modified:24 Jun 2012
Person:Johann Herrmann Zuelch
Birth:12 OCT 1773, Raboldshausen, Hessen-Kassel
Death:19 SEP 1831
Parents:Johann Zuelch and Anna Riesman
Spouse:Anna Baumgart
Modified:1 Jul 2012
Person:Johann Conrad Reif
Birth:27 DEC 1740, Lachen, Bayern, Pfalz, Germany
Death:17 JUL 1799, Lachen, Bayern, Pfalz, Germany
Parents:Johann Reif and Anna Hammann
Spouse:Anna Bauer
Watching:Michael Rife
Modified:30 Jan 2014
Person:Col. Johann Conrad Weiser Jr
Birth:2 Nov 1696, Affstatt, Wurttembert, Germany
Death:13 Jul 1760, Womelsdorf, Berks, Pennsylvania, United States
Parents:Johann Weiser, Sr and Anna Uebele
Spouse:Anna Feck
Watching:Pat rayburn
Modified:12 May 2015
Person:Vitalis Francqué
Birth:21 May 1789, Iddergem
Death:8 Jul 1831, Iddergem
Parents:Joannes Francqué and Anna De Schepper
Spouse:Barbara Sonck
Modified:2 Apr 2013
Person:Johan Conrad Korffmann
Birth:20 Dec 1709, Stein Bockenheim, Rheinhessen, Germany
Death:abt 27 Jul 1785, Shrewsbury, Springfield, York, Pennsylvania, United S...
Parents:Johann Korffmann and Susanna Reiss
Spouse:Johann Korffmann and Anna Scheffer
Watching:Solveig, Osmond
Modified:22 Dec 2010
checked pages with Person:Conrad Amberger (2)
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