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checked pages with Person:Connie McLuen (1)
Person:Wilbert D McLuen
Birth:9 Feb 1910, Guthrie, Iowa, United States
Death:Apr 1981, Guthrie, Iowa, United States
Parents:Ray McLuen and Cora Shaw
Modified:25 Oct 2009
Person:Carrie L. McLuen
Birth:17 Feb 1865, Guthrie, Iowa, United States
Death:22 Dec 1906, Guthrie, Iowa
Parents:William McLuen and Ellen Merry
Spouse:Robert Fullenwider
Watching:Jlanoux, Wilma T.
Modified:19 Dec 2009
Person:Ray McLuen
Birth:3/21/1888, Guthrie, Iowa, United States
Death:1/31/1957, Guthrie, Iowa, United States
Parents:Benjamin McLuen and Anna Lemon
Spouse:Cora Shaw
Watching:Jlanoux, Wilma T.
Modified:25 Oct 2009
Person:John Albert McLuen
Birth:20 Dec 1886, Dale City, Iowa
Death:24 Jul 1966, Guthrie Center, Iowa
Parents:John McLuen and Amelia Mason
Spouse:Maude Miller
Watching:Jlanoux, Wilma T.
Modified:6 Jul 2010
Person:Edgar Wayne McLuen
Birth:12 Sep 1908, Dale City, Guthrie, Iowa, United States
Death:23 Mar 1969, Stuart, Guthrie, Iowa, United States
Parents:John McLuen and Maude Miller
Spouse:Mildred Shaefer
Watching:Jlanoux, Wilma T.
Modified:2 Jun 2011
Person:Richard Donald McLuen
Birth:10 Feb 1912, Dale City, Guthrie, Iowa
Death:30 Jun 1991, Guthrie Center, Guthrie, Iowa, United State...
Parents:John McLuen and Maude Miller
Spouse:Darlene Thompson
Watching:Jlanoux, Wilma T.
Modified:10 Jan 2010
Person:Minnie Bird McLuen
Birth:Nov 1879, Guthrie, Iowa, United States
Death:15 May 1882, Guthrie, Iowa, United States
Parents:James McLuen and Jennie VanCleef
Watching:Jlanoux, Wilma T.
Modified:19 Oct 2009
Person:Charles McLuen
Birth:16 Jan 1892, Dale City, Guthrie Co. IA
Death:27 Mar 1987, Jefferson, Greene, Iowa
Parents:Fay McLuen and Lauretta Lockmiller
Spouse:Elsie Clouse
Watching:Jlanoux, Wilma T.
Modified:6 Jul 2010
Person:Frances McLuen
Birth:24 Apr 1861, Guthrie, Iowa, United States
Death:28 Jun 1931, Guthrie, Iowa, United States
Parents:George McLuen and Hannah Reed
Spouse:Nora Downing
Watching:Jlanoux, Wilma T.
Modified:11 Dec 2009
Person:Rex McLuen
Birth:21 Mar 1888, Guthrie, Iowa, United States
Death:May 1968, Atlantic, IA
Parents:Benjamin McLuen and Anna Lemon
Spouse:Ruth Sellman
Watching:Jlanoux, Wilma T.
Modified:23 Dec 2009
Person:Dare McLuen
Birth:6 Aug 1890, Guthrie, Iowa, United States
Death:21 Mar 1960, Guthrie, Iowa, United States
Parents:Benjamin McLuen and Anna Lemon
Spouse:Jessie Roberton
Watching:Jlanoux, Wilma T.
Modified:11 Nov 2009
Person:Lake McLuen
Birth:5 Sep1892, Guthrie Co. IA
Death:19 Nov 1982, Guthrie Co. IA
Parents:Benjamin McLuen and Anna Lemon
Spouse:Ernest Sellman
Watching:Jlanoux, Wilma T.
Modified:21 Jan 2010
Person:Carl Oto McLuen
Birth:29 Mar 1889, Guthrie, Iowa, United States
Death:11 Dec 1918, Guthrie, Iowa
Parents:Frances McLuen and Nora Downing
Watching:Jlanoux, Wilma T.
Modified:31 Aug 2010
Person:Mae E McLuen
Birth:25 Jul 1870, Guthrie, Iowa, United States
Death:7 Mar 1936, Guthrie, Iowa, United States
Parents:Richard McLuen and Rebecca Marshman
Spouse:George Atkinson
Watching:Jlanoux, Wilma T.
Modified:6 Feb 2010
Person:Blanche L. McLuen
Birth:ABT 1886, Iowa,
Death:24 Aug 1963
Parents:William McLuen and Lydia Elliott
Spouse:Clarence Lewellyn
Watching:Jlanoux, Jackkeeling, Wilma T.
Modified:20 Apr 2009
Person:Richard Lee McLuen
Death:2000, Littleton CO
Parents:Maxwell McLuen and Beulah Unknown
Watching:Wilma T.
Modified:30 Aug 2010
Person:Freddie McLuen
Birth:13 DEC 1875, Iowa,
Death:15 APR 1897, Iowa,
Parents:William McLuen and Lydia Elliott
Watching:Jlanoux, Jackkeeling, Wilma T., Erayc
Modified:6 Apr 2014
Person:David McLuen
Birth:1969, Iowa
Death:Feb. 1992, Iowa
Parents:Living McLuen and Judy Payton
Watching:Wilma T.
Modified:1 May 2010
Person:William James McLuen Jr
Birth:2 Aug 1831, Roscommon, Republic of Ireland
Death:11 Nov 1911, Guthrie Center, Guthrie, Iowa, United <...
Parents:William McLuen and Bedelia Neary
Spouse:Ellen Merry
Watching:Jlanoux, Wilma T., Sallyrae, Erayc
Modified:6 Apr 2014
checked pages with Person:Connie McLuen (1)
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