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checked pages with Person:Berend Meekhof (1)
Person:Berend Jakobs Drent
Spouse:Menke Bruinsma
Modified:19 Jan 2012
Person:Antje Ludema
Birth:27 Jul 1859, Lioessens, Oostdongeradeel, Friesland, Nederland
Death:22 Aug 1941, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Parents:Paulus Ludema and Grietje Tamsma
Spouse:Albert Bosscher
Watching:Ekjansen, Pkeegstra
Modified:7 Oct 2013
Person:Geert Fritsma
Birth:9 Mar 1858, Kommerzijl, Grijpskerk, Groningen, Netherlands
Death:19 Oct 1934 , Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Parents:Reinder Fridsema and Grietje Stoel
Spouse:Geertje Bosscher
Watching:JBS66, Pkeegstra
Modified:22 Jun 2014
Person:Pieter Doekes Bouma
Birth:25 Dec 1888, Harlingen, Friesland, Netherlands
Death:23 Apr 1960
Parents:Doeke Bouma and Trijntje de Jong
Spouse:Bessie Bosscher
Modified:7 Oct 2013
Person:Jiltje Wiersma
Birth:6 Feb 1857, Anjum, Oostdongeradeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Death:2 Feb 1932, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Parents:Rindert Wiersma and Beitske Knoops
Spouse:Jacob Bosscher
Modified:7 Oct 2013
Person:Nellie A. Lucas
Birth:15 May 1890, Missaukee, Michigan, United States
Death:6 Dec 1983, Grandville, Kent, Michigan, United States
Spouse:Jacob Bosscher
Modified:26 May 2012
Person:Jan Berend Holkenborg
Birth:1 may 1810, Zieuwent, Lichtenvoorde, Gelderland, Netherlands
Death:1 apr 1883, Lichtenvoorde, Gelderland, Netherlands
Parents:Eimert Groot Holkenborg and Harmina Nijenhuis
Spouse:Jan Holkenborg and Maria Rietberg (1); Jan Berend Groot Holkenborg and Maria Boschker
Modified:28 Oct 2014
Person:Bernardus Wilhelmus Nijenhuis
Birth:abt 1843, Aalten, Gelderland, Netherlands
Parents:Hendrik Nijenhuis and Harmina Bennink
Spouse:Geertruid Boschker
Modified:23 Oct 2013
Person:Jan Berend Hulzevoort
Birth:abt 1849, Lichtenvoorde, Gelderland, Netherlands
Parents:Harmanus Hulzevoort and Johanna Lebbink
Spouse:Bernardina Boschker
Modified:25 May 2014
Person:Jacob Hiddes Bosscher
Birth:11 Feb 1826, Niehove, Oldehove, Groningen, Netherlands
Death:17 Feb 1911, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Parents:Hidde Bosscher and Mattje Dijkstra
Spouse:Menke Van Der Meulen
Watching:HenkCS, Ekjansen, Pkeegstra, Parkave777
Modified:8 Oct 2013
Person:Berend de Jong
Birth:15 JUL 1862, Leeuwarderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Death:12 May 1938, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States...
Parents:Hans De Jong and Antje Krol
Spouse:Japke Sijbesma
Watching:JBS66, Ekjansen, MrsZ
Modified:22 Feb 2013
Person:Berend Kreuze
Birth:4 SEP 1860, Nijeveen, Drenthe
Death:7 SEP 1931, Byron, Kent county, Michigan, USA
Parents:Roelof Kreuze and Leuntje Withaar
Spouse:Jantje Wiers
Watching:HenkCS, Ekjansen
Modified:2 Jul 2011
Person:Berend Groen
Birth:7 Jun 1863, Hornhuizen, Kloosterburen, Groningen, Netherlands
Death:18 Aug 1955, Wyoming, Kent, Michigan, United States
Parents:Jan Groen and Aagtje Zuidema
Spouse:Janneke Dreijer
Watching:HenkCS, Pkeegstra
Modified:13 Dec 2014
Person:Berend Fridsma
Birth:15 Jan 1905, Scharnegoutum, Wymbritseradeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Death:12 Oct 2005, Kent, Michigan, United States
Parents:Jouke Fridsma and Hiltje Bakker
Modified:14 Mar 2014
Person:Berend Huisman
Birth:5 Aug 1878, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Death:24 Apr 1953, Pine Rest, Cutlerville, Kent, Michigan, United Sta...
Parents:Metske Hoesman and Riemke Veldman
Spouse:Jenke Schols
Modified:8 Jun 2014
Person:Berend Bernardes
Birth:15 NOV 1869, Ruinerwold, Drenthe, Nederland
Death:7 NOV 1891, Ruinerwold, Drenthe, Nederland
Parents:Egbert Bernardes and Rensje Lente
Modified:23 May 2011
Person:Berend Lente
Birth:1867, Ruinerwold, Drenthe, Nederland
Parents:Geert Lente and Berendtien Bernardus
Spouse:Hilligje Bernardus
Modified:23 May 2011
Person:Berend Zevalkink
Birth:13 Sep 1880, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Death:13 Apr 1947, Cochise, Arizona, United States
Parents:Evert Zevalkink and Maria Klanderman
Spouse:Nettie Donnelly
Modified:2 Dec 2014
Person:Berend Zevalkink
Birth:4 Sep 1843, Ruurlo, Gelderland, Netherlands
Death:4 Jun 1918, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Parents:Berend Zevalkink and Johanna Bongers
Spouse:Johanna Klanderman
Modified:7 Nov 2011
checked pages with Person:Berend Meekhof (1)
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