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checked pages with Person:Berend Meekhof (1)
Person:Jan Berend Hulzevoort
Birth:abt 1849, Lichtenvoorde, Gelderland, Netherlands
Parents:Harmanus Hulzevoort and Johanna Lebbink
Spouse:Bernardina Boschker
Modified:25 May 2014
Person:Berend Zevalkink
Birth:4 Sep 1843, Ruurlo, Gelderland, Netherlands
Death:4 Jun 1918, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Parents:Berend Zevalkink and Johanna Bongers
Spouse:Johanna Klanderman
Modified:7 Nov 2011
Person:Berend Bouma
Birth:ABT 1864, Hallum, Ferwerderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Gerlof Bouma and Antje Extra
Spouse:Geertje Stelpstra
Modified:1 Feb 2010
Person:Berend Nieuwenhuis
Birth:26 JUL 1899, Grafhorst, Overijssel, Netherlands
Parents:Harm Nieuwenhuis and Jennigje Klooster
Modified:11 Oct 2010
Person:Berend Jan Dunnewind
Birth:DEC 1907, Ommen, Overijssel, Nederland
Death:25 JAN 1908, Ommen, Overijssel, Nederland
Parents:Jan Dunnewind and Jennigje Van Lenthe
Modified:25 Oct 2010
Person:Berend Keuken
Birth:23 FEB 1872, Avereest, Overijssel, Nederland
Death:29 FEB 1944, Avereest, Overijssel, Nederland
Parents:Berend Keuken and Jennigje Kortman
Spouse:Lubbigje Van Der Beek
Modified:25 Oct 2010
Person:Berend Jan van Lenthe
Birth:21 MAY 1862, Ommen, Overijssel, Nederland
Death:11 OCT 1931, Ommen, Overijssel, Nederland
Parents:Jan Van Lenthe and Jennigje Dubbink
Spouse:Jennigje Brinkhuis
Modified:30 Jul 2012
Person:Berend Lammerink
Birth:1797, Markelo, Overijssel, Nederland
Parents:Egbert Lamberink and Jennigje Slettenhaar
Spouse:Berendina Heuver
Modified:19 Aug 2011
Person:Berend Hendriks
Chr/Bap:18 JAN 1722, Den Ham, Overijssel, Nederland
Parents:Hendrik Glasemaker and Jennigje Hannessen
Modified:19 Aug 2011
Person:Berend Jakobs Drent
Spouse:Menke Bruinsma
Modified:19 Jan 2012
Person:Berend Jan Scherpenkate
Birth:1846, Zwollerkerspel, Overijssel, Nederland
Parents:Berend Scherpenkate and Jennigje van den Berg
Spouse:Aaltjen Wevers
Modified:1 Aug 2012
Person:Berend Zevalkink
Birth:7 May 1881, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Death:Sep 1963, Michigan, United States
Parents:Berend Zevalkink and Johanna Klanderman
Spouse:Lydia Walcott
Modified:7 Nov 2011
Person:Jan Berend Roelf Jacobus Tonke Pilon
Birth:1881, Ambt Hardenberg, Overijssel, Netherlands
Parents:Tonke Pilon and Jennigje Meijer
Spouse:Helena Baumgärthl
Watching:Bensinnema, Pkeegstra
Modified:31 Oct 2014
Person:Berendina Johanna Theresia Eggink
Birth:11 mar 1927, Ruurlo, Gelderland, Netherlands
Death:4 oct 2003, Barchem, Laren, Gelderland, Netherlands
Parents:Johannes Eggink and Johanna Severt
Spouse:Antonij Boschker
Modified:14 Dec 2014
Person:Johanna Berendina Doeven
Birth:abt 1853, Lichtenvoorde, Gelderland, Netherlands
Parents:Gerrit Jan Doeven and Johanna van Bronkhorst
Spouse:Johannes Boschker
Modified:24 May 2014
Person:Ite Keegstra
Birth:27 May 1889, Waarden, Grijpskerk, Groningen, Netherlands
Death:22 Apr 1969
Parents:Jakob Keegstra and Tjitske Kooyinga
Spouse:Mamie Bosscher
Watching:JBS66, HenkCS, Pkeegstra
Modified:23 Feb 2015
Person:Antje Ludema
Birth:27 Jul 1859, Lioessens, Oostdongeradeel, Friesland, Nederland
Death:22 Aug 1941, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Parents:Paulus Ludema and Grietje Tamsma
Spouse:Albert Bosscher
Watching:Ekjansen, Pkeegstra
Modified:7 Oct 2013
Person:Harm Oosterveen
Birth:6 JUL 1895, Ruinerwold, Drenthe, Nederland
Death:1906, Wattenscheid, Westfalen, Preußen, Germany
Parents:Roelof Oosterveen and Geesje Kiekebos
Watching:Ekjansen, Aurelia
Modified:29 Sep 2011
Person:Geert Fritsma
Birth:9 Mar 1858, Kommerzijl, Grijpskerk, Groningen, Netherlands
Death:19 Oct 1934 , Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Parents:Reinder Fridsma and Grietje Stoel
Spouse:Geertje Bosscher
Watching:JBS66, Pkeegstra
Modified:4 May 2015
checked pages with Person:Berend Meekhof (1)
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