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checked pages with Person:Benjamin Eaton (2)
Person:"Ideote" Eaton
Birth:aft 22 May 1627, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, Unit...
Death:aft 1651, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Francis Eaton and Christian Penn
Watching:Osmond, Jbernard, DataAnalyst, Davisr6221
Modified:24 Aug 2013
Person:Rachel Eaton
Birth:abt 1625, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Stat...
Death:bet 3 Jun 1656 - 16 Oct 1661, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts...
Parents:Francis Eaton and Christian Penn
Spouse:Joseph Ramsdell
Watching:Osmond, Jbernard, Inator, Davisr6221
Modified:30 Apr 2011
Person:Benjamin EATON
Birth:1664, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Parents:Benjamin Eaton and Sarah Hoskins
Spouse:Mary Coombs
Watching:Osmond, Inator, B.holmes
Modified:23 Apr 2011
Person:Martha Billington
Birth:EST 1638, Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts
Death:aft 9 Jun 1704, Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut, United States
Parents:Francis Billington and Christian Penn
Spouse:Samuel Eaton
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Mayflowermadam, Osmond, Jbernard, Neilosufan, Tclough, Davisr6221...
Modified:22 Mar 2012
Person:Rebecca BILLINGTON
Birth:8 JUN 1647, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United St...
Parents:Francis Billington and Christian Penn
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Osmond, Jbernard, Kbestyet
Modified:25 Mar 2008
Person:Mercy Billington
Birth:25 Feb 1651/52, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United <...
Death:28 Sep 1718, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Francis Billington and Christian Penn
Spouse:John Martin
Watching:Osmond, Jbernard, DataAnalyst, Kbestyet
Modified:20 Nov 2010
Person:Elizabeth Billington
Birth:10 Jul 1635, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United S...
Death:aft 22 Mar 1709-10, Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Parents:Francis Billington and Christian Penn
Spouse:Richard Bullock
Watching:Osmond, Jbernard, Kbestyet
Modified:4 Feb 2012
Person:Mary Billington
Birth:abt 1640, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Death:aft 28 Jun 1717, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts
Parents:Francis Billington and Christian Penn
Spouse:Samuel Sabin
Watching:DFree, Mayflowermadam, Osmond, Jbernard, Inator, Kbestyet, Khaentlahn
Modified:13 Apr 2008
Person:Francis Eaton
Chr/Bap:11 Sep 1596, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Death:bef 8 NOV 1633, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United <...
Parents:John Eaton and Dorothy Smith
Spouse:Christian Penn
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Mayflowermadam, Osmond, Jbernard, Jrm03063, Inator, Davisr6221
Modified:23 Jan 2014
Person:Samuel Eaton
Birth:1620, England
Death:BEF 29 OCT 1684, Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United <b...
Parents:Francis Eaton and Sarah Unknown
Spouse:Martha Billington
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Mayflowermadam, Osmond, Jbernard, Tclough, Davisr6221
Modified:22 Mar 2012
Person:Jonathan Eaton
Birth:23 Apr 1668, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Death:20 JAN 1724, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Parents:Thomas Eaton and Eunice Singletary
Spouse:Ruth Page
Watching:Parksboss, Jaques1724, Dughall
Modified:9 Feb 2012
Person:Jabez Eaton
Birth:29 Jan 1730/31, Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United ...
Death:Bet 17 Jul 1815-18, Pike, Wyoming, New York, United States
Parents:Francis Eaton and Thankful Alden
Spouse:Elizabeth Williams
Watching:Joeljkp, Jrich
Modified:3 Apr 2011
Person:Joseph Eaton
Birth:26 Nov 1728, Kingston, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Death:Aft 6 May 1766
Parents:Francis Eaton and Thankful Alden
Spouse:Hannah Crossman
Watching:Joeljkp, Jrich
Modified:3 Apr 2011
Person:William Eaton
Birth:ABT 1815, Maine
Parents:William Eaton and Abigail Howard
Spouse:Sarah Nash
Modified:2 Apr 2007
Person:William Bruce Eaton
Birth:28 MAY 1820, Waltham, MA
Death:22 JUN 1869, Revere, MA
Parents:Philip Eaton and Clarissa Blanchard
Spouse:Sarah Tewksbury
Modified:28 Jul 2007
Person:Jabez Eaton II
Birth:26 Jan 1767, Middleborough, Plymouth, Province of Massachusetts Bay
Death:20 Sep 1835, Elizabethtown, Leeds, Upper Canada
Parents:Jabez Eaton and Elizabeth Williams
Spouse:Sarah Millard
Modified:4 Apr 2014
Person:Horace D. Eaton
Birth:8 Aug 1835, Dodge Center, Dodge, Minnesota, United States
Death:27 Jun 1909, Alfred, Allegany, New York, United States
Parents:Stedman Eaton and Fannie Hall
Spouse:Sarah Thomas
Watching:Susan Irish
Modified:24 Apr 2014
Person:Benjamin Eaton
Birth:14 FEB 1693
Spouse:Sarah Morrill
Modified:9 Aug 2010
Person:Francis BILLINGTON
Parents:Francis Billington and Christian Penn
Watching:Osmond, Jbernard, Kbestyet
Modified:1 Mar 2008
checked pages with Person:Benjamin Eaton (2)
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