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checked pages with Person:Arthur Andrews (6)
Person:Edgar Andrews
Birth:08 OCT 1876
Death:JAN 1877
Parents:James Andrews and Sarah Hammond
Modified:15 Oct 2010
Person:Charles Raford Andrews
Birth:09 JUN 1878, Vandalia, Fayette, IL, US
Death:JUL 1887
Parents:James Andrews and Sarah Hammond
Modified:15 Oct 2010
Person:Sarah Andrews
Birth:10 Dec 1768, Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Parents:Bartholomew Andrews and Sarah Andrews
Spouse:Jesse Merriam
Modified:10 Jun 2013
Person:Deacon Amos Andrews
Birth:abt 1728, of Scarborough, Cumberland, Maine, United States
Parents:Jonathan Andrews and Sarah Smith
Spouse:Anne Seavey
Watching:SwellChel, Brannon
Modified:16 Apr 2009
Person:Jonathan Andrews
Birth:1719, Scarborough, Cumberland, Maine
Death:25 Sep 1815
Parents:Jonathan Andrews and Sarah Smith
Spouse:Hannah Seavey
Watching:SwellChel, Brannon
Modified:7 Oct 2009
Person:Joshua Andrews
Birth:22 Jul 1704, Boxford, Essex, Massachusetts
Death:13 May 1751
Parents:John Andrews and Sarah Dickinson
Spouse:Hannah Wood
Modified:8 Mar 2008
Person:Arthur Andrews
Birth:ABT 1909, Boort, , Victoria, Australia.
Death:1910, Boort, , Victoria, Australia.
Parents:John Andrews and Sarah Smith
Watching:Just Alf
Modified:6 Jun 2007
Person:Leland Carson Andrews
Birth:3 Feb 1909, Genesee, New York, USA
Death:9 Sep 2001, Campus S.N.F., Mount Morris, Livingston, New York, USA
Parents:Theodore Andrews and Sarah Carson
Spouse:Anna Donnan
Modified:12 Sep 2007
Person:Benjamin Andrews
Birth:APR 1885, Michigan
Parents:James Andrews and Harriet Fisher
Modified:22 Oct 2009
Person:John Andrews
Parents:Jacob Andrews and Anne Sykes
Spouse:Hannah Parker
Modified:2 Jan 2009
Person:Arthur Bateman Andrews
Birth:1831, Great Coggeshall, Essex, England
Parents:Edward Andrews and Susannah Unknown
Modified:19 Jun 2013
Person:Charles Andrews
Birth:1 Jan 1728, , Montgomery, Maryland, USA
Death:14 Dec 1780, Clarksburg, Montgomery, Maryland, USA
Parents:Thomas Andrews and Sarah Perry
Spouse:Elizabeth Andrews
Watching:Oggfamilytree, Arsautbine
Modified:10 Apr 2009
Person:Jacob Andrews
Birth:26 FEB 1705, Little Egg Harbor, Burlington, New Jersey, United States|Little Egg Harbor...
Death:ABT 18 DEC 1775, New Hanover Twp., Burlington Co., New Jersey
Parents:Edward Andrews and Sarah Ong
Spouse:Anne Sykes
Watching:Clray, Jlanoux
Modified:12 Jun 2010
Person:William Watson Andrews
Birth:26 FEB 1810, Windham, CT
Death:17 OCT 1897, Wethersfield, CT
Parents:William Andrews and Sarah Parkhill
Spouse:Mary Given
Modified:29 Jun 2009
Person:William Ross Andrews
Birth:18 OCT 1828, Monroe Township, Richland County, Ohio
Death:04 FEB 1887
Parents:James Andrews and Lavina Carrick
Spouse:Elizabeth Stouffer
Modified:22 Oct 2009
Person:Samuel Andrews
Birth:07 JAN 1697, Mansfield Twp., Burlington Co., New Jersey
Death:17 APR 1763, Tuckertown, Little Egg Harbor, Burlington Co., New Jersey
Parents:Edward Andrews and Sarah Ong
Spouse:Elizabeth Ridgeway
Modified:9 Dec 2009
Person:Isaac Andrews
Birth:ABT 1714, Little Egg Harbor, Burlington Co., New Jersey
Death:14 DEC 1775, Deptford Twp., Gloucester Co., New Jersey
Parents:Edward Andrews and Sarah Ong
Spouse:Elizabeth Elfreth
Modified:9 Dec 2009
Person:Maria Andrews
Parents:James Andrews and Abigail Crane
Spouse:Josiah Mero
Modified:7 Jul 2007
Person:Elbert Andrews
Death:3 May 1863
Parents:James Andrews and Jane Unknown
Spouse:Annie Swanson
Modified:28 Jul 2007
checked pages with Person:Arthur Andrews (6)
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