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checked pages with Person:Archibald Grimke (2)
Person:Francis Grimke
Birth:1850, Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, United...
Death:1937, Washington, District of Columbia, United St...
Parents:Henry Grimke and Nancy Weston
Spouse:Charlotte Forten
Watching:Henri6602, Joyce reese mccollum, HenriSween
Modified:8 Feb 2015
Person:John Grimke
Birth:1852, Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, United...
Death:1915, Florida, United States
Parents:Henry Grimke and Nancy Weston
Watching:Henri6602, Joyce reese mccollum, HenriSween
Modified:9 Feb 2015
Person:Lieutenant Benjamin Graham
Birth:cal 1662
Parents:Henry Grihms and Mary Unknown
Spouse:Abigail Humphrey
Watching:SchugRSnapp, Jaques1724, Kpb2011
Modified:19 Apr 2015
Person:Angelina Emily Grimké
Birth:20 Feb 1805, Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, Uni...
Death:26 Oct 1879, Hyde Park, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:John Grimke and Mary Smith
Spouse:Theodore Weld
Modified:22 May 2011
Person:Thomas Smith Grimké
Birth:22 Sep 1786, Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, Uni...
Death:12 Oct 1834, Ohio
Parents:John Grimke and Mary Smith
Modified:22 May 2011
Person:William Pickard
Birth:abt 1849, Whitechapel, Middlesex, England
Parents:Henry Pickard and Ann Weston
Modified:25 Aug 2012
Person:Elizabeth Womack
Birth:abt 1827, Finningham, Suffolk, England
Death:1904, Suffolk, England
Parents:John Womack and Hannah Weston
Spouse:James Stanley
Modified:21 Oct 2012
Person:Archibald Patrick Spruill
Birth:FEB 1853, , St. Clair County, AL
Death:1936, Hubbard, Hill County, TX
Parents:John Spruill and Nancy Carmichael
Spouse:Sarah Stewart
Modified:24 Jun 2014
Person:William L. Fenimore
Birth:5 JAN 1838, Union Twp., Ross Co. Ohio
Death:22 MAR 1922, St. Cloud, Florida
Parents:Henry Fenimore and Nancy Littleton
Spouse:Elizabeth Sewans
Watching:SchugRSnapp, Tammyhensel
Modified:20 Apr 2008
Person:Sarah Moore Grimké
Birth:26 Nov 1792, South Carolina
Death:23 Dec 1873
Parents:John Grimke and Mary Smith
Modified:22 May 2011
Person:Ludwig Ford
Birth:1808, Prob. Harrison Co., Virginia
Death:OCT 1866
Parents:Henry Ford and Nancy Payne
Spouse:Sarah Dillen
Modified:1 Dec 2007
Person:Seymour Shoffner
Birth:18 AUG 1832, North Carolina
Death:9 NOV 1872, North Carolina
Parents:Henry Shoffner and Nancy Puryear
Spouse:Sarah Greeson
Modified:29 Feb 2008
Person:John Allen Francisco
Birth:15 NOV 1813, Hamilton, Ohio, United States
Death:14 JUN 1890, Osgood, Ripley, Indiana, United States
Parents:Henry Francisco and Nancy Riodon
Spouse:Sarah Ellison
Modified:28 Jan 2012
Person:John Turner
Birth:est 1762
Death:bef 1830, Williamson, Tennessee, United States
Parents:Henry Turner and Nancy Kimbrough
Spouse:Sarah Kimbrough
Modified:25 Nov 2014
Person:Heman Kinney
Birth:14 Jun 1799
Death:Nov 1847
Parents:John Kinney and Hannah Weston
Spouse:Sarah Wyman
Watching:Inator, Abwarfield1969, Lulabell01
Modified:4 Apr 2008
Person:Ann Brace
Birth:28 Dec 1706, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Death:8 Mar 1764, West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Parents:Henry Brace and Ann Collier
Spouse:Samuel Stanley
Watching:Jaques1724, Colby Farrington
Modified:8 Oct 2013
Person:Ashael Doan
Birth:21 Oct 1802, Saybrook, Middlesex, Ct
Death:17 Jun 1891, Lower Salem, Washington Co., Ohio
Parents:Richard Doan and Anna Post
Spouse:Sarah Stanley
Modified:9 Apr 2007
Person:William Hodrien
Birth:ABT 1834, Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Parents:Theopilus Hodierine and Ann Griffiths
Spouse:Sarah Stanley
Modified:13 Dec 2007
Person:Rt. Hon. Neil James Archibald Primrose
Birth:14 Dec 1882
Death:15 Nov 1917
Parents:Archibald Primrose and Hannah de Rothschild
Spouse:Lady Victoria Stanley
Modified:9 Aug 2013
checked pages with Person:Archibald Grimke (2)
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