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checked pages with Person:Anne Batchelder (1)
Person:Deborah Bachiler
Birth:1592, Wherwell, Hampshire, England
Death:bef 1653, Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Stephen Bachiler and Ann Bate
Spouse:John Wing
Watching:Dlongmore, Amelia.Gerlicher, Jreedernc, Katsus98040, Doris, Familytree, Sezurf...
Modified:15 Dec 2011
Person:Nathaniel Bachiler
Birth:Abt 1590, Wherwell, Hampshire, England
Death:bef 9 Apr 1645, Southampton, Hampshire, England
Parents:Stephen Bachiler and Ann Bate
Spouse:Nathaniel Batchelder and Hester Mercer
Watching:Dlongmore, Doris, Familytree, JerryLeBaron, Rjseaver, Bboops, Jrm03063, Claudiakerr...
Modified:7 Sep 2011
Person:Theodate Batchelder
Birth:abt 1610, Wherwell, Hampshire, England
Death:20 Oct 1649, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States
Parents:Stephen Bachiler and Ann Bate
Spouse:Christopher Hussey
Watching:Dlongmore, Amelia.Gerlicher, Tecbarclay, Rebeccahill, Rjseaver, Jrm03063, Claudiakerr...
Modified:18 Sep 2011
Person:Reverend Samuel Bachiler
Birth:1596/1597, Wherwell, Hampshire, England
Death:aft 1625, Gorinchem, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Parents:Stephen Bachiler and Ann Bate
Watching:Dlongmore, Doris, Rjseaver, Jrm03063, Claudiakerr, Tclough, Qctrader
Modified:31 Mar 2009
Person:Stephen Bachiler
Birth:1594, Wherwell, Hampshire, England
Death:1680, London, England
Parents:Stephen Bachiler and Ann Bate
Watching:Dlongmore, Doris, Rjseaver, Bboops, Jrm03063, Claudiakerr, Tclough, Qctrader
Modified:31 Mar 2009
Person:Nancy Sarah Arnold
Birth:ABT 1745, Virginia
Death:3 JAN 1825, Fayette County, Kentucky
Parents:Stephen Arnold and Jane Finney
Spouse:Henry Gibson
Modified:11 Sep 2011
Birth:ABT 1795
Death:21 May 1877
Parents:Joseph Batchelder and Ann Jenkins
Spouse:Nathaniel Rideout
Modified:12 Oct 2007
Person:Susanna Batchelder
Birth:ABT 1642, Charlestown, Suffolk County, MA
Death:8 JUL 1668, Charlestown, Suffolk County, MA
Parents:William Batchelder and Rachel Unknown
Spouse:John Lawrence
Watching:Jameslhahn, Jbernard, Klaidlaw
Modified:12 Nov 2008
Person:Hannah Bachelor
Chr/Bap:23 Jun 1644, Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Death:10 Mar 1687/88, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Joseph Bachelor and Elizabeth Dickenson
Spouse:John Warner and Hannah Batchelder
Modified:12 Jan 2012
Person:Ann Brayton
Birth:6 Jul 1683, Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island, United States
Death:28 Aug 1747, Newport, Rhode Island, United States
Parents:Stephen Brayton and Ann Tallman
Spouse:John Dennis
Watching:Sgeiger, Susan Irish, Colby Farrington
Modified:8 May 2013
Person:Anne Helena Luxon
Birth:21 Jun 1864, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands
Parents:Stephen Luxon and Elizabeth Norris
Spouse:John Toy
Modified:21 Feb 2007
Person:Anne Elliott
Birth:ABT 22 JUN 1828, Chobham, Sry.
Death:10 JUL 1895
Parents:Stephen Elliott and Anne Unknown
Spouse:Henry Morris
Modified:21 Feb 2009
Person:Elizabeth Croom
Birth:1 APR 1779
Death:19 AUG 1844
Parents:Jesse Croom and Ann Grady
Spouse:John Swinson
Modified:14 Sep 2007
Person:Elizabeth Griffin
Parents:James Griffin and Ann Raynsford
Spouse:Henry Neville
Modified:15 Dec 2013
Person:Jethro Batchelder
Birth:2 Jan 1698, Hampton Falls, Rockingham, Nh
Death:May 1723
Parents:Nathaniel Batchelder and Elizabeth Foss
Spouse:Dorothy Sanborn
Watching:JerryLeBaron, Suefitz
Modified:3 May 2008
Birth:20 DEC 1715, Hampton Falls, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA
Death:18 MAY 1790
Parents:John Batchelder and Abigail Cram
Spouse:Jonathan Sanborn
Modified:17 Jan 2008
Person:Anne Charlotte De Lancey-Jones
Birth:17 Sep 1786, United States
Death:29 May 1852
Parents:John De Lancey and Elizabeth Floyd
Spouse:John McAdam
Watching:Janiejac, DataAnalyst
Modified:26 Dec 2013
Person:Susanna Boylston
Birth:5 Mar 1708/9, Brookline, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
Death:17 Apr 1797, Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Peter Boylston and Ann White
Spouse:John Adams
Watching:Hncamp, Joeljkp, Amelia.Gerlicher, Katsus98040, Familytree, Donkle3, Wvarner
Modified:21 Mar 2012
Person:Ann 'Amy' Sharp
Birth:10 April 1769, prob. Pennsylvania
Death:3 March 1846
Parents:John Sharp and Ann Boyd
Spouse:John Henry
Modified:7 Nov 2011
checked pages with Person:Anne Batchelder (1)
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