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checked pages with Person:Anna Thomas (34)
Person:Michael Thomas
Birth:ABT 1720, Virginia
Parents:Johannes Thomas and Anna Blankenbühler
Watching:Delijim, Kimmasonwylie
Modified:19 Mar 2013
Person:Hans Wendel Thomas
Birth:17 APR 1712
Parents:Johannes Thomas and Anna Blankenbühler
Modified:14 Jul 2009
Person:Ursula Thomas
Birth:8 MAY 1714
Death:8 MAY 1714
Parents:Johannes Thomas and Anna Blankenbühler
Modified:14 Jul 2009
Person:Margaret Thomas
Birth:abt. 1718
Parents:Johannes Thomas and Anna Blankenbühler
Spouse:Henry Aylor
Modified:4 Dec 2010
Person:John Thomas Jr.
Birth:est. 1713-1717
Parents:Johannes Thomas and Anna Blankenbühler
Spouse:Mary Tanner
Modified:27 Jan 2012
Person:Georg Thomas
Chr/Bap:18 DEC 1621, Weidensdorf,Chemnitz,Saxony,Germany
Parents:Hans Thomas and Anna Baum
Spouse:Maria Schmidt
Modified:8 May 2009
Person:Anna Amalia Thomas
Birth:20 Oct 1803, Unzenberg, Rheinland-Pfalz, Prussia
Parents:Johannes Thomas and Unknown
Spouse:Johannes Lorenz
Modified:20 Jul 2010
Person:Anna Magdalena 'Magdalin' Thomas
Birth:5 January 1744, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Death:bef. November 1820, Botetourt County, Virginia
Parents:Lodowick Thomas and Unknown
Spouse:John Reynolds
Modified:9 Sep 2012
Person:Maria Juliana Thomas
Birth:18 Oct 1770, Unzenberg, Rheinland-Pfalz, Prussia
Death:15 Jan 1836, Oppertshausen, Nordrheim-Westfalen, Prussia
Parents:Johannes Thomas and Anna Martin
Spouse:Johannes Lorenz
Modified:17 Dec 2007
Person:Anna Maria Thoma
Birth:21 MAY 1718, Bergalingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, GER
Death:30 NOV 1778, Bergalingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, GER
Parents:Johann Thoma and Maria Gerspach
Spouse:Johann Schmid
Modified:8 Jul 2012
Person:Anna Maria Molsberger
Birth:21 SEP 1703, Thalheim, Hessen
Death:16 APR 1739, Thalheim, Hessen
Parents:Johann Molsberger and Anna Unknown
Spouse:Johann Schmidt
Modified:2 Sep 2013
Person:Anna Marie Schlaeberin
Birth:23 SEP 1661, Mattstall, Alsace, France
Death:10 APR 1772, Mattstall, Alsace, France
Parents:Johann Schlaeber and Anna Mang
Spouse:Johann Schmidt
Modified:26 Nov 2011
Person:Anna Maria Hannappel
Birth:20 DEC 1722, Thalheim, Hessen
Death:27 SEP 1793, Thalheim, Hessen
Parents:Johannes Hannappel and Anna Heep
Spouse:Johannes Schmidt
Modified:2 Sep 2013
Person:Marie Magdalena Thomas
Birth:22 Aug 1786, Iberville Parish, Louisiana
Parents:Richard Thomas and Marie Ory
Modified:5 Sep 2012
Person:Anna Thomas
Birth:2 May 1814, Pembroke, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Nelson Thomas and Anna Reed
Watching:Susan Irish
Modified:4 Jan 2013
Person:Anna Margareta Welcker
Birth:14 Aug 1681, Simmern, Rheinland-Pfalz, Prussia
Death:5 Nov 1750, Kirchberg, Rheinland-Pfalz, Prussia
Parents:Hans Welcker and Anna Welcker
Spouse:Johannes Schmitt
Modified:17 Dec 2007
Person:Lizzie Thomas
Birth:1860-1885, Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, United States
Death:aft 1897
Parents:Johann Thomas and Barbara Unknown
Spouse:Justus Schmidt
Modified:25 Sep 2013
Person:Maria Magdalena Elizabeth Kannewurf
Birth:22 FEB 1762, Buttstädt, Thüringen, Deutschland
Death:2 MAY 1840, Freiburg, Tyskland
Parents:Johann Kannewurf and Eva Brand
Spouse:Johann Schmidt
Modified:18 Aug 2013
Person:Elizabeth Thomas
Birth:15 Mar 1648, New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Parents:John Thomas and Tabitha Unknown
Spouse:John Holt
Watching:Npowell, Bwmitch, Jaques1724
Modified:13 Mar 2012
checked pages with Person:Anna Thomas (34)
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