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checked pages with Person:Alice Johnson (36)
Person:Rebecca Jane JOHNSON
Birth:22 AUG 1855, Ohio
Death:21 FEB 1914, Windsor Twp, Lawrence Co, OH
Parents:Eber Johnson and Ann Stevens
Spouse:Charles Martin
Watching:Ajcrow, Kolstee
Modified:24 Jun 2010
Person:Linton Alfred JOHNSON
Birth:11 MAR 1869, Suiter, Lawrence Co, OH
Death:2 JAN 1938, Huntington Twp, Ross Co, OH
Parents:Eber Johnson and Ann Stevens
Spouse:Margaret Kingery
Watching:Ajcrow, Kolstee
Modified:25 Nov 2010
Person:David Culver JOHNSON
Birth:30 June 1864, Ohio
Death:26 SEP 1925, Windsor Twp, Lawrence Co, OH
Parents:Eber Johnson and Ann Stevens
Spouse:Lucetta Nance
Watching:Ajcrow, Kolstee
Modified:24 Jun 2010
Person:Lewis A. JOHNSON
Birth:1858, Ohio
Death:25 FEB 1868, Lawrence Co, OH
Parents:Eber Johnson and Ann Stevens
Watching:Ajcrow, Kolstee
Modified:24 Jun 2010
Person:Lydia Johnson
Parents:Joseph Johnson and Ann Stanfield
Spouse:Charles Collins
Watching:Dlbradley1, VStewart68, Buffie, BrianG 777
Modified:23 Jul 2008
Person:Ellen Johnson
Birth:21 JAN 1898, Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH
Parents:John Johnson and Johanna Guldner
Spouse:Charles Sharp
Modified:5 Aug 2008
Person:Alice JOHNSON
Birth:12 APR 1562, Canterbury, Kent, Eng
Parents:John Johnson and Joanne Humphrey
Watching:JerryLeBaron, PJinSoCal
Modified:18 Jul 2007
Person:Alice Giselle Johnson
Birth:29 DEC 1850, Putnam, CT
Parents:Harrison Johnson and Annette Bowen
Modified:16 Mar 2011
Person:Alice Amelia Johnson
Birth:1867, Bathurst, Nsw, Australia
Death:1924, Canterbury, Nsw, Australia
Parents:John Johnson and Elizabeth Pocknall
Spouse:Samuel Ellis
Modified:13 Sep 2007
Person:Alice JOHNSON
Birth:ABT 1568, <Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire, England>
Parents:Francis Johnson and Elizabeth Thorgood
Modified:6 Nov 2008
Person:Alice Johnson
Birth:ABT 1850
Death:1907, Salford
Parents:John Johnson and Betsy Unknown
Spouse:William Rockliffe
Modified:6 Mar 2014
Person:Alice W Johnson
Birth:ABT 1873, Indiana, United States
Parents:Mark Johnson and Susannah Pruden
Spouse: McCracken
Modified:5 Apr 2014
Person:Ella Gertrude JOHNSON
Birth:20 JUL 1871, Halifax, NS
Death:20 FEB 1948, Rye, NY
Parents:S Johnson and Unknown
Spouse:Charles McCLARE
Watching:Tjemcee, Colby Farrington
Modified:16 Sep 2007
Person:Jody Lynn Johnson
Parents:George Johnson and Anita Lepley
Spouse:Charles Blankenship
Modified:21 Jan 2008
Person:Mary Eliza Johnson
Parents:William Johnson and Jane Snow
Spouse:John Searling
Modified:4 Apr 2008
Person:Bella Johnson
Birth:9 AUG 1884
Death:22 FEB 1972, Minneapolis, MN
Parents:Sivert Johnson and Betsy Hovland
Spouse:Charles Bleed
Modified:25 Aug 2007
Person:Francis M. Johnson
Birth:1871, Ohio
Parents:William Johnson and Unknown Alice
Spouse:Charles White
Watching:Karin Johnson Reed, Stephen C White, Imagesfrommymind
Modified:19 Jul 2009
Person:Alberta Johnson
Birth:ABT 1877, Lawrence, IL, USA
Parents:George Johnson and Hannah Stevenson
Spouse:Frank Hayes
Modified:15 Aug 2011
Person:Albert Johnson
Birth:ABT 1877
Death:ABT 1881
Parents:George Johnson and Hannah Stevenson
Modified:15 Aug 2011
checked pages with Person:Alice Johnson (36)
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