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checked pages with Person:Alice Hartup (1)
Person:Ernest Albert Hartup
Birth:1864, Southfleet, Kent, England
Death:BET 1897 AND 1955
Parents:George Hartup and Phillis Baker
Watching:Samwilson, Macbeth
Modified:26 Feb 2012
Person:William Hartup
Birth:04 JAN 1876, Port Phillip, Victoria, Australia
Death:16 APR 1952, Sandygate, Australia
Parents:George Hartup and Phillis Baker
Modified:12 Sep 2009
Person:George James Hartup
Birth:ABT 1862, Southfleet
Death:09 NOV 1885, At Sea
Parents:George Hartup and Phillis Baker
Modified:12 Sep 2009
Person:John Hartup
Birth:1871, Southfleet
Death:26 JUN 1942, Sandygate, Australia
Parents:George Hartup and Phillis Baker
Modified:12 Sep 2009
Person:Alice May Owens
Birth:11 FEB 1876
Parents:George Owens and Eliza Paterson
Spouse:William Hedden
Modified:28 Jul 2007
Person:Rosa Alice May Oxlade
Birth:1aug, Brisbane, Queensland
Parents:George Oxlade and Louisa Byers
Spouse:William Stanley
Modified:21 Jun 2008
Person:Ella May Calkins
Birth:30 Jun 1889, Trenton, Dodge, Wisconsin, United States
Death:14 Nov 1960, Beaver Dam, Dodge, Wisconsin, United States
Parents:George Calkins and Wilhemina Menke
Spouse:William Hatcher
Watching:Calkins1931, Khaentlahn
Modified:22 Jul 2015
Person:Mary Alice HARLIN
Birth:01 MAR 1861
Parents:George Harlin and Unknown Unknown
Spouse:William Rogers
Watching:Jay Rogers
Modified:28 Aug 2008
Person:Ella May Giddings
Birth:19 JUN 1885, Sherman, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
Death:04 APR 1937, Kent, Litchfield, CT
Parents:George Giddings and Augusta Briggs
Spouse:William Thomas
Modified:22 Jul 2011
Person:Maria Louisa Pickett
Birth:29 Nov 1856, St. Louis, Missouri
Death:27 Mar 1930, Twin Falls, Idaho
Parents:George Pickett and Priscilla Clark
Spouse:William Gill Mills
Modified:13 Sep 2010
Person:Alice Louisa Pentecost
Birth:2 Oct 1880, 12 Forge Lane, Ashford, Kent, England
Death:19 Sep 1957, Hothfield Hospital, Westwell, Kent, England
Parents:George Pentecost and Jane Baker
Spouse:Sidney Edwards
Modified:13 Sep 2007
Person:Alice B. Jackson
Birth:May 1876, Texas, United States
Death:date unknown
Parents:James Jackson and Ann Baker
Spouse:William Smith
Modified:16 Jun 2013
Person:Alice Mavis Skinner
Birth:2 May 1913, Queenstown, South Australia, Australia
Death:2004, South Australia, Australia
Parents:George Skinner and Mary Baker
Modified:20 Oct 2014
Person:Alice M. Ickes
Birth:ABT 1875
Parents:George Ickes and Elizabeth Hixon
Spouse:Wm Springer
Modified:30 Nov 2007
Person:Melva May Harvey
Birth:6 JUN 1897, Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA
Death:4 MAY 1953, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Parents:George Harvey and Mary Baker
Spouse:Joseph Potts
Modified:30 Apr 2007
Person:Priscilla May Specks
Birth:6 MAY 1924
Death:DEC 1981
Parents:George Sparks and Emily Baker
Spouse:Wesley Mayse
Modified:29 Mar 2008
Person:Mary Ann Shively
Birth:3 MAY 1872
Death:1 MAR 1946
Parents:George Shively and Catherine Kuns
Spouse:Wm Hess
Modified:30 Nov 2007
Person:Alice Glover
Birth:1665, Ecchinswell, Hampshire, England
Death:aft 20 Mar 1706/1707, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Parents:George Glover and Alice Lamboll
Spouse:John Brundson
Watching:BPickett, Marshall Surratt, Bigguy856, Dlbradley1, Japezoid, VStewart68, Buffie...
Modified:7 Aug 2008
Person:Alice BOND
Birth:1559, Lancaster, Lancashire, England/Lancaster, England
Death:1584, London, Middlesex, England
Parents:George Bond and Winifred Leigh
Spouse:William Quarles
Watching:Dlongmore, Sonofaforester, JoshHansen, Normwookie, Hansede, Wadoddle, Katharine958
Modified:27 Sep 2010
checked pages with Person:Alice Hartup (1)
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