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checked pages with Person:Alberto Baez (1)
Person:Albert Vinicio Baez
Birth:15 Nov 1912, Puebla, Mexico
Death:20 Mar 2007, Redwood City, San Mateo, California, United States
Parents:Alberto Baez and Thalia Valderrama
Spouse:Joan Bridge
Watching:Btomp, Jrm03063, Cthrnvl
Modified:1 Mar 2013
Person:Alberto Buis
Death:1965, Azul - Buenos Aires
Spouse:Catalina van der Tuin
Watching:Ekjansen, Jsfaber, RPostma
Modified:9 Feb 2013
Person:Maria Bos
Birth:1806, Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland
Spouse:Hermann Veltrup
Modified:4 Oct 2011
Person:Mimi Thalia Baez
Birth:10 Jun 1914, Mexico
Death:10 Jan 1969, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States
Parents:Alberto Baez and Thalia Valderrama
Spouse:James Kingsley
Modified:20 Feb 2013
Person:Emilia Unknown
Birth:c 1863, Mexico
Spouse: Valderrama
Modified:18 Feb 2013
Person:Albert Bos
Birth:12 APR 1865, Smilde
Death:17 JUL 1945, Smilde
Parents:Hans Bos and Hendrikje Duker
Spouse:Janna Klok
Watching:HenkCS, Jsfaber, Wijtske
Modified:24 Dec 2011
Person:Alferes-Mor Pero Pais-de-Alvarenga
Parents:Paio Viegas-de-Alvarenga and Teresa Anes-Riba-de
Spouse:Guiomar Afonso-Gato
Watching:Gregobhte1, Kofu69
Modified:31 Dec 2007
Person:Frouke Alberts Bus
Spouse:Jan Berents
Watching:HenkCS, Ekjansen
Modified:8 Dec 2010
Person:Albertje Bies
Birth:5 OCT 1873, Westerbork, Drenthe, Nederland
Parents:Eelse Bies and Lammigje Van Der Sleen
Spouse:Hendrik Boxem
Watching:HenkCS, Ekjansen
Modified:23 May 2011
Person:Roelof Alberts Bos
Birth:Abt 1834, Smilde, Drenthe, Netherlands
Parents:Albert Bos and Grietje Kuiper
Spouse:Adriana Krol
Watching:Pkeegstra, Jsfaber
Modified:8 Dec 2013
Person:Janna Alberts Bosch
Birth:4 SEP 1817, Ezinge, Groningen, Netherlands
Death:2 MAR 1865, Leek, Groningen, Netherlands
Parents:Albert Bos and Elisabeth Jans
Spouse:Reit Reitsema
Watching:Cabrioot, Pkeegstra
Modified:23 Aug 2015
Person:Albert Alberts Bos
Birth:Abt 1772, Noordhorn, Zuidhorn, Groningen, Netherlands
Death:26 Feb 1840, Ezinge, Groningen, Netherlands
Spouse:Elisabeth Jans
Watching:Cabrioot, Pkeegstra
Modified:12 Mar 2014
Person:Jakob Alberts Bos
Birth:31 Oct 1812, Ezinge, Groningen, Netherlands
Death:30 Mar 1898, Oldehove, Groningen, Netherlands
Parents:Albert Bos and Elisabeth Jans
Spouse:Aafke Veenstra
Watching:Cabrioot, Pkeegstra
Modified:6 Jan 2014
Person:Jan Alberts Bos
Birth:5 Aug 1821, Ezinge, Groningen, Netherlands
Parents:Albert Bos and Elisabeth Jans
Watching:Cabrioot, Pkeegstra
Modified:23 Aug 2015
Person:James Albert Betts
Parents:Henry Betts and Mary Lewis
Watching:Jonjay, DataAnalyst
Modified:5 Feb 2016
Person:Albert Stuurman
Birth:27 FEB 1888, Weststellingwerf, Friesland, Nederland
Parents:Jan Stuurman and Geesje Ekkelboom
Spouse:Klaartje Vreeling
Modified:9 Sep 2011
Person:Albert Buis
Birth:02 SEP 1908
Parents:Harm Buis and Annie Unknown
Modified:19 Mar 2007
Person:Doron Bas
Spouse:Dalia Shamir
Modified:29 May 2007
Person:Albert Betz
Birth:28 AUG 1875, Illinois
Parents:Jacob Betz and Anna Gruss
Modified:8 Jul 2007
checked pages with Person:Alberto Baez (1)
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