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checked pages with Person:Albert Mastenbroek (1)
Person:Albert Mastebroek
Spouse:Hillegien Tinholt
Modified:31 Oct 2013
Person:Albert Mastenbroek
Birth:abt 1853, Wanneperveen, Overijssel, Netherlands
Death:15 jun 1859, Wanneperveen, Overijssel, Netherlands
Parents:Lucas Mastenbroek and Bartha Lassche
Modified:23 Aug 2013
Person:Albert Mastenbroek
Birth:abt 1860, Wanneperveen, Overijssel, Netherlands
Death:23 apr 1905, Enschede, Overijssel, Netherlands
Parents:Lucas Mastenbroek and Bartha Lassche
Spouse:Jentje Lassche
Modified:23 Aug 2013
Person:Albert Brink
Chr/Bap:18 MAR 1714, Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland
Parents:Egbert Brink and Unknown
Spouse:Hillegien Hendriks
Watching:HenkCS, Ekjansen, Sweach
Modified:28 May 2011
Person:Albert Melenberg
Birth:26 AUG 1810, Ane, Gramsbergen, Overijssel, Netherlands
Death:31 JAN 1876, Gramsbergen, Overijssel, Netherlands
Parents:Egbert Melenberg and Fennigjen Koers
Spouse:Fenne Rerink
Modified:15 Aug 2014
Person:Albert Jan Breukelman
Birth:5 JUL 1910, Hardenberg, Overijssel, Nederland
Death:30 NOV 1984
Parents:Berend Breukelman and Geertruida Holtink
Spouse:Hillegien Baarslag
Modified:27 Dec 2010
Person:Albert Stadman
Spouse:Hillegien Kamps
Modified:1 Aug 2012
Person:Maartje Alberts Mastenbroek
Spouse:Sieuwert Voogt
Modified:28 Mar 2013
Person:Jacobus Albertus Mastenbroek
Birth:abt 1865
Death:16 aug 1866, Gouda, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Parents:Albertus Mastenbroek and Gerretje de Jong
Modified:14 Aug 2013
Person:Albertus Wilhelmus Jacobus Mastenbroek
Birth:24 oct 1870, Spaarndam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Parents:Pieter Mastenbroek and Elizabeth Mastenbroek
Modified:4 Oct 2013
Person:Albertus Wilhelmus Mastebroek
Birth:17 JAN 1828, Ens, Schokland, Overijssel, Netherlands
Parents:Jacob Mastebroek and Manna Bergman
Spouse:Albertus Mastenbroek and Gerretje de Jong
Modified:14 Aug 2013
Person:Albert Jannes Schuiling
Death:10 SEP 1857, Bunne (Vries)
Parents:Jannes Roelofs and Jantein Hendriks
Spouse:Marchien Vos
Watching:HenkCS, Jsfaber, Wijtske
Modified:19 Jan 2012
Person:Albert Jans Kuiper
Death:22 AUG 1896
Spouse:Hillechien Oldenburger
Watching:HenkCS, Ekjansen
Modified:31 Oct 2010
Person:Albert Lenten
Birth:20 DEC 1882, Hoogeveen, Drenthe, Nederland
Death:29 SEP 1941, Capelle aan den IJssel, Zuid-Holland, Nederland
Parents:Casper Lenten and Sofia Stoefzand
Spouse:Hillegina Molenaar
Watching:HenkCS, Ekjansen
Modified:23 May 2011
Person:Albert van der Kamp
Birth:29 Aug 1871, Oldehove, Groningen, Netherlands
Death:22 Mrt 1949, Baflo, Groningen, Netherlands
Parents:Willem van der Kamp and Fenna Haan
Spouse:Hillechien Bakker
Watching:HenkCS, Pkeegstra
Modified:20 Jun 2013
Person:Albert Hindriks Walma
Birth:ABT 1770
Spouse:Hillechien Harms
Modified:2 Jul 2011
Person:Albert Hazewinkel
Birth:26 JUN 1855, Veendam, Groningen
Death:22 APR 1944, Veendam, Groningen
Parents:Hindrik Hazewinkel and Renske Lamein
Spouse:Elizabeth van Driesten
Modified:25 Sep 2012
Person:Albert Manschot
Birth:abt 1645
Parents:Harmen Manschot and Unknown
Spouse:Hilleken Tankink
Modified:26 Jan 2016
Person:Albert Woudstra
Birth:19 AUG 1887, Sappemeer, Groningen, Netherlands
Parents:Albert Woudstra and Trijntje Drenth
Spouse:Hillechina Bakker
Modified:5 Mar 2013
checked pages with Person:Albert Mastenbroek (1)
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