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checked pages with Person:Albert Aucoin (1)
Person:Ptolemy Aucoin
Birth:Dec 1849, Louisiana, United States
Death:after 1930, Louisiana
Parents:Joseph Aucoin and Pamela Giroir
Spouse:Camille Aucoin
Modified:18 May 2014
Person:Alexandre Euselien Aucoin
Birth:28 Sep 1820, , Assumption, LA
Parents:Louis Aucoin and Marie Daigre
Spouse:Marie Daigle
Watching:Karen Theriot Reader
Modified:3 Apr 2007
Person:Eugene Adolph Aucoin Sr.
Birth:5 FEB 1887, Plattenville, Assumption Par, Louisiana
Death:21 MAY 1962, , New Orleans, , Louisiana,
Parents:Collomb Aucoin and Emma Templet
Spouse:May Delaune
Watching:Jlanoux, Mwphelps
Modified:3 Jan 2014
Person:Apollinaire Firmin Aucoin
Birth:23 Aug 1810, Assumption, Louisiana, United States
Death:May 1852, Assumption, Louisiana, United States
Parents:Firmin Aucoin and Pelagie Arceneaux
Spouse:Marguerite Hebert
Modified:1 Feb 2014
Person:Marie Elisabeth Aucoin
Birth:ABT 1734, Acadia
Death:7 Oct 1825, St. Landry, LA
Parents:Joseph Aucoin and Anne Trahan
Spouse:Jean Le Blanc
Watching:Karen Theriot Reader
Modified:14 Dec 2012
Person:Pierre Aucoin
Birth:ABT 1689, Grand Pré, Acadia
Death:27 Jan 1758, Québec, Québec, Canada
Parents:Martin Aucoin and Marie Gaudet
Spouse:Catherine Comeau
Watching:Karen Theriot Reader, Jlanoux, DAZ, Thornton5603
Modified:4 Mar 2012
Person:Michel Aucoin
Birth:ABT 1677, , , , Acadia
Death:AFT 1751
Parents:Martin Aucoin and Marie Gaudet
Spouse:Jeanne Bourg
Watching:Karen Theriot Reader, Jlanoux, Thornton5603
Modified:11 Mar 2012
Person:Simon Aucoin
Birth:about 1728
Parents:Pierre Aucoin and Catherine Comeau
Spouse:Marie Theriot
Watching:Jlanoux, DAZ
Modified:23 Mar 2014
Person:Jean Aucoin
Birth:ABT 1700, Riviere-aux-Canards, , , Acadia
Death:Sep 1755/1756
Parents:Martin Aucoin and Marie Gaudet
Spouse:Marie Pitre
Watching:Karen Theriot Reader
Modified:3 Apr 2007
Person:Paul Aucoin
Birth:15 Apr 1712, Grand Pré, , , Acadia
Parents:Martin Aucoin and Catherine Theriot
Spouse:Marie Le Blanc
Watching:Karen Theriot Reader
Modified:3 Apr 2007
Person:Michel Aucoin
Birth:ABT 1704, , , , Acadia
Death:8 Feb 1759, St. Malo, , Ille-et-Vilaine, France
Parents:Michel Aucoin and Jeanne Bourg
Spouse:Marie Henry
Watching:Karen Theriot Reader
Modified:3 Jan 2014
Person:Marguerite Aucoin
Birth:ABT 1728, , , , Acadia
Parents:Joseph Aucoin and Anne Trahan
Spouse:Pierre Duon
Watching:Karen Theriot Reader
Modified:3 Apr 2007
Person:Alexander Aucoin
Birth:10 Aug 1725, Nova Scotia, Canada
Death:21 Oct 1780, Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, Pays de la Loire, France
Parents:Alexis Aucoin and Anne Bourg
Spouse:Marie Trahan
Modified:26 Dec 2009
Person:Adolph S. Aucoin
Parents:Florentin Aucoin and Elizabeth Verdon
Spouse:Marie Adams
Modified:1 Sep 2012
Person:Camille Aucoin
Birth:Jan 1850, Louisiana, United States
Death:13 Feb 1941, Louisiana, United States
Parents:Apolinaire Aucoin and Marguerite Hebert
Spouse:Ptolemy Aucoin
Modified:27 Jan 2014
Person:Joseph Francois Aucoin
Birth:29 Jan 1829, Assumption, Louisiana, United States
Parents:Augustin Aucoin and Henriette Gautreau
Spouse:Pamela Giroir
Watching:Jlanoux, DAZ
Modified:18 May 2014
Person:Gregoire Alexis Aucoin
Birth:20 Oct 1767, Dinard, Ille-et-Vilaine, France
Death:8 Apr 1844, Assumption Parish, Louisiana
Parents:MIchel Aucoin and Isabel Hebert
Spouse:Marguerite Aucoin
Watching:Jlanoux, DAZ, Markus3
Modified:23 Mar 2014
Person:Andre Hypolite Aucoin
Birth:09 NOV 1902, , Plattenville, Assumption, Louisiana,
Death:12 JUL 1981, , New Orleans, , Louisiana,
Parents:Albert Aucoin and Marie Templet
Spouse:Lucie Delaune
Watching:Jlanoux, Mwphelps
Modified:1 Nov 2009
Person:Florencia Aucoin
Birth:23 Dec 1799, Assumption, Louisiana, United States
Parents:Gregoire Aucoin and Marguerite Aucoin
Modified:31 May 2014
checked pages with Person:Albert Aucoin (1)
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