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checked pages with Person:Aelia Flacilla (1)
Person:Aelia Eudocia Augusta
Birth:ABT 401, Athens, Greece
Death:20 OCT 460, Jerusalem, Palestine
Parents:Leontias Athènes and Unknown Leontias
Spouse:Theodosius II and Aelia Eudocia
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Claudiakerr, Rwillimon, Lkm02196, Luc1961, Klingonpixie...
Modified:11 Apr 2010
Person:Galla Justina Valentinia
Birth:ABT 366, Rome, Itally
Death:0394, Rome, Itally
Parents:Valentinian I and Justina (empress)
Spouse:Theodosius I and Galla (wife of Theodosius I)
Watching:Aabh, Bystillwaters, Claudiakerr, Rwillimon, Luc1961, Klingonpixie, Jhamstra, Rtengel...
Modified:9 Sep 2010
Person:Fausta Flavia Maxima
Birth:0289, Rome, Italy
Death:0326, Trier, Rheinland, Preußen, Germany
Parents:Maximian Unknown and Valeria Maximilla
Spouse: Constantine
Watching:Rjfoxx, Aabh, Hendrik, Rwillimon, Luc1961, Coggazone, JulesLonghurstStiles
Modified:19 Jul 2011
Person:Theodosius I Emperor of Rome
Birth:11 JAN 347, Cauca, Galacia, Spain
Death:17 JAN 393/94, Mediolanum (Milan), Italy
Parents:Flavius Theodosius and Thermantia Roman Empire
Spouse:Aelia Flaccilla
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Bystillwaters, Claudiakerr, Rwillimon, Lkm02196, Luc1961...
Modified:10 Oct 2010
Person:Adelais of Tours
Birth:est 0805
Death:aft 866
Parents:Hugh Of Tours and Ava Unknown
Spouse:Conrad I de Bourgogne and Adèle de Tours (1); Robert IV the Strong and Adelheid ...
Watching:CTfrog, Coret, Jolayne, Allwayslearning, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Genealogist84, Hendrik...
Modified:30 Jan 2016
Person:Adélaïde de Normandie
Birth:abt 1002, Normandie, France
Death:abt 1038, France
Parents:Richard II de Normandie and Judith de Bretagne
Spouse:Renaud I de Bourgogne and Adélaïde de Normandie
Watching:Jolayne, Rjfoxx, Jameslhahn, Aabh, Genealogist84, Hendrik, Bystillwaters, Gtcurtis...
Modified:14 Jan 2016
Person:Aelia Galla Placidia
Birth:392, Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Death:27 Nov 450, Roma, Lazio, Italy
Parents:Theodosius I and Galla (wife of Theodosius I)
Spouse:Constantius III
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Bystillwaters, Jrm03063, Claudiakerr, Rwillimon...
Modified:21 Jan 2013
Person:Eleanor Princess of Castile, Queen of England
Birth:1241, Burgos, Castilla y León, Spain
Death:28 Nov 1290, Harby, Nottinghamshire, England
Parents:Ferdinand of Castile and Jeanne de Dammartin
Spouse:King Edward I of England and Eleanor Castile Leon
Watching:Stilltim, CTfrog, YJ Norton, Jolayne, Holyhabanero, Allwayslearning, Tecbarclay...
Modified:12 Jan 2016
Person:Blanche of Navarre Daughter of Theobald I
Birth:1226, Navarra, Spain
Death:11 Aug 1283, Hédé, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France
Parents:Teobaldo Navarre and Marguerite De Bourbon
Spouse:John I, Duke of Brittany and Blanche of Navarre
Watching:Rjfoxx, Aabh, JeffreyRLehrer, Jlanoux, New.incarnation, Clover, Colby Farrington, Av
Modified:2 Mar 2009
Person:Étiennette de Bourgogne
Birth:1035, Longwy, Meurthe-et-Moselle, France
Death:19 OCT 1088, Bourgogne, Marne, France
Parents:Raimond Berenger and Maud Barcelona
Spouse:Guillaume I de Bourgogne
Watching:Jolayne, Rjfoxx, Jameslhahn, Aabh, Genealogist84, Hendrik, Gtcurtis, Rwillimon...
Modified:5 Jan 2016
Person:Adelaide of Barcelona
Birth:abt 990, Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain
Death:1051, Belvoir, Leicestershire, England
Parents:Ramón Borrell and Ermensinde de Carcassonne
Spouse:Roger I of Tosny and Adela of Barcelona (1); Garcia Sanchez and Estephania De Ba...
Watching:Jolayne, Rjfoxx, Jameslhahn, Aabh, Genealogist84, Bystillwaters, Gtcurtis, Jrm03063...
Modified:14 Jan 2016
Person:King of the Vandals Huneric
Birth:BEF 425, Andalusia, Spain
Death:23 Dec 484, Africa
Parents:Genseric and Unknown
Spouse:Princess Eudocia, Daughter of Theodoric I
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Claudiakerr, Rwillimon, Lkm02196, Luc1961, Klingonpixie...
Modified:9 Jul 2010
Person:Brunhilda of Austrasia
Birth:abt 0543, Toledo, Spain
Death:Oct 613, Reneve near Dijon, Burgundy, France
Parents:Athanagild and Goiswintha
Spouse:Sigebert I
Watching:Rjfoxx, Jameslhahn, Aabh, Genealogist84, Claudiakerr, Rwillimon, Lkm02196, Luc1961...
Modified:2 Nov 2010
Person:Justina of Rome
Birth:0338, Cibalis Pannonia,Roman Empire,,
Death:0388, İstanbul, Turkey
Parents:Licinianus Di Roma and Unknown
Spouse:Valentinian I and Justina (empress)
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Claudiakerr, Rwillimon, Luc1961, Klingonpixie, Jhamstra...
Modified:28 Nov 2010
Person:Andregota Galíndez
Birth:BET 905 AND 914, Aragon, Spain
Death:972, Pamplona, Navarre, Spain
Parents:Galindo Aznárez II and Sancha Garcés of Pamplona
Spouse:García Sánchez I of Pamplona
Watching:Rjfoxx, Genealogist84, Jrm03063, Gregobhte1, Ravencrest, Brlangston, Klingonpixie...
Modified:11 Mar 2013
Person:Dulce Berenguer
Birth:ABT. 1159, Of, Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Death:1 Sep 1198, Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal
Parents:Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona and Petronilla of Aragon
Spouse:Sancho I of Portugal
Watching:Barak4u, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Genealogist84, Jrm03063, Gregobhte1, Brlangston, New.incarnation...
Modified:7 Jan 2013
Person:Ramiro II of León
Birth:c. 0900
Parents:Ordoño II of León and Elvira Menendez
Spouse:Adosinda Gutierrez, daughter of Sancho I of Pamplona
Watching:Rjfoxx, Jrm03063, Gregobhte1, Ravencrest, Brlangston, Klingonpixie, New.incarnation...
Modified:11 Mar 2013
Person:Fernando II rey de Aragón
Birth:10 Mar 1451/2, Sos, Zaragoza, Spain
Death:23 Jan 1515/6, Madrigalejo, Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain
Parents:John II of Aragon and Juana Enríquez
Spouse:Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile (1); Ferdinand II of Aragon and...
Watching:Hendrik, Johnroy98, Jrm03063, Catcall, AndrewRT, Ekjansen, Fmizrany, Werebear, Coggazone
Modified:7 Jan 2014
Person:Juan II de Aragón
Birth:28 Jun 1398, Medina del Campo, Valladolid, Castilla y León, Spain
Death:19 Jan 1479, Barcelona
Parents:Ferdinand I of Aragon and Eleanor of Alburquerque
Spouse:Juana Enríquez
Watching:Hendrik, Johnroy98, Jrm03063, Catcall, AndrewRT, Ekjansen, Fmizrany, Werebear
Modified:8 Jan 2014
checked pages with Person:Aelia Flacilla (1)
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