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checked pages with Person:Ælfgifu of Northampton (1)
Person:Emma of Normandy
Birth:abt 0982, Normandie, France
Death:6 Mar 1051/52, Winchester, Hampshire, England
Parents:Richard I of Normandy and Gunnor
Spouse:Ethelred Unknown and Emma Of Normandy (1); Knut Denmark and Princess Emma
Watching:Jolayne, Ssmith525, Rjfoxx, Jameslhahn, Aabh, Genealogist84, Hendrik, Bystillwaters...
Modified:4 Mar 2013
Person:Adela of Flanders
Birth:abt 1064
Death:Apr 1115
Parents:Robert I, Count of Flanders and Gertrude of Saxony
Spouse:Roger Borsa
Watching:Blueskies25, Jrm03063, New.incarnation, Tammyhensel, Clover, Colby Farrington...
Modified:19 Feb 2013
Person:Princess Caroline-Mathilde of Denmark
Birth:27 Apr 1912, København, København, Denmark
Death:12 Dec 1995, København, Denmark
Parents:Prince Harald of Denmark and Princess Helena Adelaide of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-...
Spouse:Knud, Hereditary Prince of Denmark
Modified:14 Mar 2010
Person:Gertrude of Bavaria
Birth:bet 1152 and 1155
Parents:Henry the Lion and Clementia
Spouse:Frederick IV, Duke of Swabia
Modified:8 Jan 2012
Person:Ansfred Goz
Birth:0963, Normandie, France
Death:1035, Normandie, France
Parents:Ansfred Rollosson and Helloe Beulac
Spouse:Thyra Princess Of Denmark
Watching:CTfrog, Allwayslearning, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Genealogist84, Bystillwaters, Jeffhomes...
Modified:16 Jun 2013
Person:Deborah York
Birth:6 Oct 1696
Death:BEF 21 Mar 1745
Parents:William York and Mary Utley
Spouse:Jabez Dewey
Watching:Clover, Colby Farrington, Rfelsing, Abc1234
Modified:7 Dec 2011
Person:Widukind of Saxony
Birth:est 750
Death:7 Jan 810
Spouse:Geva of Denmark
Watching:Allwayslearning, Jojonot, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Jeffhomes, Lkm02196, Butch57, DataAnalyst...
Modified:14 Jun 2011
Person:Henry III "The Black" of Germany, Holy Roman Emperor
Birth:28 Oct 1017
Death:5 Oct 1059, Harz, Magdeburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany
Parents:Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor and Duchess Gisele
Spouse:...e and Agnes of Poitou (1); Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor and Gunhilda of Denmark
Watching:Barak4u, Jolayne, Rjfoxx, Jameslhahn, Aabh, Genealogist84, IRelate, Gtcurtis, Jrm03063...
Modified:14 Mar 2013
Person:Henry YORK Sr
Birth:6 Aug 1732, Pipe Creek, Carrol, Maryland, United States
Death:Aft Mar 1817, Wilkes, North Carolina, United States
Parents:Jeremiah York and Sarah Seymour
Spouse:Margaret Lenderman
Watching:IRelate, Davisfam2000, Claudiakerr
Modified:6 Feb 2014
Person:Aaron Mereon York
Birth:27 AUG 1807, Bethel, Oxford County, Maine
Death:27 NOV 1881, Santaquin, Utah, Utah
Parents:Peter York and Abiah Russell
Spouse:Hannah Carter
Watching:Brannon, Tclough, Regivens
Modified:28 Mar 2009
Person:Franklin A York
Birth:1 Oct 1821, Brookfield, Madison, New York, United States
Death:8 May 1906, Canton, Lincoln, South Dakota, United States
Parents:Stephen York and Elizabeth Brown
Spouse:Eliza Cottrell
Watching:Fsieber, Susan Irish, Rjschoesler
Modified:17 Sep 2012
Person:Elizaveta Yaroslavna Princess of Kiev
Birth:1025, Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine
Death:ca. 1067, Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine
Parents:Yaroslav of Kiev and Ingrid Olafsdotter
Spouse:Sven Denmark and Elizaveta Yaroslavna (1); Harald Hardrada and Elisiv of Kiev
Watching:Allwayslearning, Aabh, Genealogist84, Gtcurtis, Jrm03063, Stephanielindhardt...
Modified:14 Mar 2013
Person:James III of Scotland
Birth:19 JUL 1451, ,Stirling,Stirlingshire,Scotland
Death:20 JUN 1488, Sauchieburn,St.Ninians,Stirlingshire,Scotland
Parents:James Scotland and Maria Guelders
Spouse:James Scotland and Margarethe Denmark
Watching:YJ Norton, Holyhabanero, Arthur Owen, Seymour t, Jrm03063, Gregobhte1, Lascorpia64...
Modified:6 Feb 2013
Person:Gunhild Svensdatter
Birth:1012, Sole, Jaeren, Rogaland, Norway
Death:1054, Doderup, Abrena, Denmark
Parents:Sven Haakonsson and Holmfrid
Spouse:Sweyn II of Denmark
Watching:Jolayne, Jameslhahn, Genealogist84, Blueskies25, Jrm03063, Drewwalkerski, Abwarfield1969...
Modified:13 Jan 2013
Person:Vsevolod Vladimirovich Prince Vladimir Volynsk
Birth:ABT. 983, Of, Vladimir Volynskij, Volyn, Ukraine
Parents:Vladimir Kiev and Rogneida Polotsk
Spouse:Estrid Denmark
Watching:CTfrog, Aabh, Genealogist84, Blueskies25, Jenniferphillips06, Brlangston, Mbgegan...
Modified:19 Feb 2009
Person:Yeomans York
Birth:4 Mar 1773, Stonington, New London, Connecticut, United States
Death:23 May 1861, Brookfield, Madison Co., New York
Parents:Bell York and Ruth Main
Spouse:Prudence Chapman
Watching:Katsus98040, Susan Irish
Modified:28 Nov 2009
Person:Dorcas York
Birth:1780, Randolph,Pitt,North Carolina,USA
Death:1860, ,Carroll,Georgia,USA
Parents:Jeremiah York and Sarah Allred
Spouse:Isaiah Beck
Watching:Weiseone, Claudiakerr
Modified:9 Feb 2010
Person:Eunice York
Birth:16 Apr 1756, Stonington, New London, Connecticut, United States
Parents:Collings York and Eunice Grant
Watching:Genealogist84, Susan Irish
Modified:28 Nov 2009
Person:Collings York
Birth:25 Sep 1758, Stonington, New London, Connecticut, United States
Parents:Collings York and Eunice Grant
Spouse:Polly Randall
Watching:Genealogist84, Susan Irish
Modified:28 Nov 2009
checked pages with Person:Ælfgifu of Northampton (1)
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