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checked pages with Family:Jan Roosa and Mechteld Van Campen (1)
Family:Jan Roosa and Hillegond Van Boerum
Husband:15 APR 1646 - AFT 1698
Wife:1650 -
Marriage:1675, Ulster, New York
Children:Rebekka Roosa (3); Aldert Roosa (21); William Roosa (16); Jan Roosa, Tmacentee, Jmdrew, GLMARESCO, Pkeegstra
Modified:26 Dec 2013
Family:Jan Roosa and Maria Dewitt
Husband:1692 -
Wife:1693 -
Marriage:30 OCT 1713, Kingston RDC, Kingston, Ulster Co., NY
Children:Jacob Roosa
Modified:11 May 2014
Family:Jan Kortregt and Elisabeth Van Campen
Husband:1674 -
Wife:1688 -
Marriage:Bef 1712, Ulster, New York
Modified:17 Dec 2012
Family:Jean Freer and Rebecca Van Wagenen
Husband:6 Apr 1682 -
Wife:12 Apr 1685 -
Marriage:17 Sep 1706, Kingston (city), Ulster County, New York
Children:Annatje Freer (3); Sarah Freer (7); Gerritt Freer (1); Jannetjen Freer (2); Marytje Fre...
Watching:GLMARESCO, Neal Gardner
Modified:17 Nov 2013
Family:Jan Roosa and Mary Mearse
Husband:MAR 1722/23 - UNKNOWN
Children:Rachel Roosa (17); Dina Roosa (5); Molly Roosa (3); Jan Roosa (26); Mercy Roosa
Watching:Tmacentee, HenkCS
Modified:8 Sep 2008
Family:Jan Van Doorn and Aaltje Van Campen
Children:Jasper Van Doorn
Modified:4 Dec 2007
Family:Jan Stol and Machteld Van Vliet
Husband:1658 - 1718
Wife:1655 - 1718
Marriage:1684, Ulster, New York, United States
Modified:29 Jul 2014
Family:Arien Roosa and Maria Pels
Husband:1645 - 1725
Wife:1654 - after 1714
Marriage:about 1668, Kingston, New York
Children:Annetie Roosa (1); Ariaantje Roosa (1); Jannetje Roosa (5); Aldert Roosa (1); Ariaantje...
Watching:Stilltim, Vangale,, Rdegnen, Bmarkjones, Jmdrew, GLMARESCO...
Modified:25 Dec 2013
Family:Aldert Roosa and Petronella Van Etten
Wife:ABT 1675 -
Marriage:21 Jun 1696, Kingston, Ulster, New York, United S..., Jmdrew, GLMARESCO, JBS66, Pkeegstra
Modified:25 Dec 2013
Family:Heyman Roosa and Anna Roosevelt
Husband:ABT MAR 1643 - BEF 9 Sep 1708
Wife:1649 - 1706
Marriage:ABT 1665, Kingston, Ulster, New York, United Stat...
Children:Gysbert Roosa (2); Janetje Roosa (1); Gysbert Roosa (1); Aldert Roosa (20); Wyntje Roos...
Watching:Osmond,, Jmdrew, GLMARESCO, Pkeegstra
Modified:26 Dec 2013
Family:Arien Roosa and Geestjen Ostrander
Husband:31 Jan 1703 -
Wife:19 May 1700 -
Marriage:9 Feb 1722, Kingston, Ulster, New York, United St...
Children:Lea Roosa (1); Anna Roosa (2); Rachel Roosa (2); Catrina Roosa (1); Nelly Roosa (1); Eg...
Watching:Jmdrew, GLMARESCO, JBS66, Darose
Modified:25 Dec 2013
Family:Evert Roosa and Trintje Van Etten
Husband:26 Oct 1679 -
Wife:24 Feb 1684 - AFT 5 Mar 1727
Marriage:10 May 1702, Kingston, Ulster, New York, United S...
Children:Arien Roosa (19); Annetje Roosa (2); Mareytje Roosa (1); Catharina Roosa (1); Isaac Roo...
Watching:Jmdrew, GLMARESCO, JBS66
Modified:25 Dec 2013
Family:Isaac Roosa and Catherine Delamater
Husband:19 May 1728 -
Wife:17 AUG 1741 -
Marriage:10 Nov 1764, Kingston, Ulster, New York, United S...
Children:Ells Roosa (1); Aldert Roosa (14); Rebecca Roosa (10); David Roosa (5); Johannis Roosa ...
Watching:Tmacentee, GLMARESCO, JBS66
Modified:26 Dec 2013
Family:Heyman Roosa and Jannetjen Freer
Husband:1709 -
Wife:1714 -
Marriage:20 OCT 1737, Kingston, Ulster, New York, United S...
Children:Jacob Roosa
Watching:GLMARESCO, JBS66, HenkCS
Modified:25 Dec 2013
Family:William Roosa and Lysbet Krom
Husband:24 Apr 1681 -
Wife:5 Mar 1688 -
Marriage:1710, Kingston, Ulster, New York
Children:Hillegond Roosa (8); William Roosa (18); Geertje Roosa (5); Elizabeth Roosa (31); Jan R...
Watching:Tmacentee, GLMARESCO, HenkCS
Modified:11 May 2014
Family:Jan Van Heusden and Mechteld Van Steenvoort
Husband:ABT 1010 - ABT 1073
Wife:ABT 1020 -
Children:Robbert Van Heusden (6); Adelheid Van Heusden
Modified:15 Feb 2009
Family:Jan Brokken and Mechteld Horsman
Children:Jenneken Brokken
Modified:25 Jun 2014
Family:Jan van der Streek and Mechteld Schut
Children:Beert van der Streek
Modified:12 Feb 2014
Family:Jan Goossens and Mechteld Van Kollenburg
Husband:1500 -
Wife:1500 -
Children:Gerit Goossens
Modified:2 Oct 2007
checked pages with Family:Jan Roosa and Mechteld Van Campen (1)
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