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checked pages with Family:Jan Engberts and Martjen Derks (1)
Family:Jan Engberts and Elisabeth Hayes
Husband:1 JUN 1745 -
Marriage:3 FEB 1771, Dokkum, Dongeradeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Children:Engbertje Jans (1); Engbert Jans
Modified:20 Sep 2010
Family:Jan Engberts and Helena Tjeerds
Husband:1 JUN 1745 -
Marriage:17 AUG 1783, Dokkum, Dongeradeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Modified:20 Sep 2010
Family:Douwe Andrijs and Martjen Derks
Wife:11 JUL 1697 -
Marriage:18 FEB 1742, Dokkum, Friesland, Nederland
Modified:6 May 2013
Family:Jan Engberts and Margjen Harms
Children:Harm Jans
Modified:3 Feb 2012
Family:Auke Faber and Trijntje Derks
Wife:8 Sep 1751 -
Marriage:16 AUG 1772, Dokkum, Friesland, Netherlands
Children:Jan Faber (77); Dirk Faber (4); Marike Faber (1); Maria Faber (15); Poope Faber
Watching:Ekjansen, JSHeeringa
Modified:16 Jul 2013
Family:Jan Nies and Elisabeth Derks
Wife:20 FEB 1763 - 16 JAN 1810
Watching:HenkCS, Ekjansen
Modified:11 Feb 2012
Family:Jan Harmens and Grietje Derks
Children:Aldert Jans
Watching:HenkCS, Ekjansen
Modified:8 Dec 2010
Family:Jan Waalkens and Aaltje Derks
Husband:16 JAN 1729 - 14 SEP 1801
Wife:24 AUG 1738 - 6 NOV 1805
Marriage:12 APR 1758, Beerta, Groningen, Nederland
Children:Frouwe Waalkens
Watching:HenkCS, Ekjansen
Modified:25 Feb 2011
Family:Jan Geerts and Maria Derks
Husband:7 APR 1715 -
Wife:4 NOV 1714 -
Children:Gerrijt Jans (2); Trijntje Jans (73); Derk Jans (10); Geertje Jans (25); Engel Mooi (2)...
Watching:HenkCS, Ekjansen
Modified:19 Nov 2012
Family:Jurjen Pieters and Martjen Derks
Husband:28 FEB 1710 -
Wife:15 JAN 1713 -
Marriage:27 AUG 1730, Nieuwolda, Groningen, Nederland
Children:Wendel Jurjens (1); Anje Jurjens (1); Pieter Jurjens (3); N Jurjens (3); Luidewe Jurjen...
Watching:HenkCS, Ekjansen
Modified:26 Feb 2011
Family:Jan van Zomeren and Lamberdina Derks
Children:Gerrigje van Zomeren
Modified:24 Dec 2011
Family:Tonnis Houwink and Martjen Derks
Husband:27 Jan 1704 -
Wife:8 Mar 1700 -
Marriage:22 Mar 1726, Veendam, Groningen, Netherlands
Children:Heiltje Tonnis
Modified:21 Oct 2013
Family:Jan Albers and Hendrika Derks
Husband:1876 -
Wife:1890 -
Marriage:18 APR 1912, Gramsbergen, Overijssel, Netherlands
Modified:15 Apr 2013
Family:Jan Binnenkamp and Truite Derks
Wife:15 Dec 1754 - 20 Apr 1828
Marriage:9 Apr 1780, Heemse, Ambt Hardenberg, Overijssel, Netherlands
Modified:18 Sep 2014
Family:Jan Bouwers and Aaltien Derks
Husband:19 DEC 1894 - 23 NOV 1915
Wife:31 DEC 1894 - 26 AUG 1941
Marriage:23 JUL 1914, Dalen, Drenthe, Netherlands
Children:Lucas Bouwers
Modified:25 Sep 2010
Family:Jan Welleweerd and Dina Derks
Husband:1884 -
Wife:1889 -
Marriage:9 AUG 1907, Ambt Hardenberg, Overijssel, Nederland
Children:Willem Welleweerd (1); Harm Welleweerd (2); Jan Welleweerd
Modified:27 Jan 2015
Family:Jan Bilema and Trijntje Derks
Children:Berend Bilema
Modified:25 Feb 2012
Family:Jan Dozeman and Hendrikje Derks
Children:Hendrik Dozeman
Modified:15 Aug 2014
Family:Jan Kat and Anje Derks
Children:Remge Kat
Modified:8 Jan 2014
checked pages with Family:Jan Engberts and Martjen Derks (1)
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