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checked pages with Family:Herluin Conteville and Arlete Falaise (1)
Family:Robert Beauclerc and Harlett Falaise
Husband:22 Jun 1000 - 3 Jul 1035
Wife:9 Jun 1003 - 1050
Marriage:abt 1023, Normandie, France
Children:William I of England
Watching:Jolayne, Allwayslearning, Oblyvia, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Genealogist84, Chessjcc, Bystillwaters...
Modified:15 Feb 2014
Family:Harlevin De Conteville and Fredefeudis Unknown
Husband:abt 1001 - abt 1066
Marriage:ABT. 1041, Of, , , France
Modified:19 Jun 2013
Family:Fulbert De Falaise and Doda De Falaise
Husband:c. 0978 - 1017
Wife:980 - 1003
Marriage:abt 1000, Falaise,Calvados,,France
Children:Gautier de Falaise (1); N N De Falaise (1); Herleva (1); Reynald Croy (2); Osbern Falaise
Watching:Jolayne, Allwayslearning, Oblyvia, Tecbarclay, Jojonot, Rjfoxx, Jameslhahn, Aabh...
Modified:19 Jun 2013
Family:Jean de Conteville and Unknown
Husband:est 965 -
Children:Oda De Conteville (2); Herluin de Conteville
Watching:Jolayne, Jojonot, Klewis47, Rjfoxx, Jameslhahn, Aabh, Genealogist84, Bystillwaters...
Modified:19 Jun 2013
Family:Gautier de Falaise and 1002 Falaise, Normandie, France
Husband:1002 -
Children:Guillaume Falaise
Watching:Rfield, Tammyhensel
Modified:21 Mar 2011
Family:Richard Duke Of Normandy and Unknown
Husband:0963 - 1027-08-28
Wife:1003 - 1050
Children:Guillaume De Normandie
Modified:26 Oct 2009
Family:Jean Eloy and Marguerite Falaise
Marriage:UNKNOWN, St Jacques, Dieppe, Normandie
Children:Marguerite Éloy
Modified:21 Sep 2007
Family:Herluin de Heugleville and Ada Unknown
Modified:17 Mar 2013
Family:Herlewin De Hunstanton and Unknown
Husband:1040 -
Children:Ralph De Hunstanton
Watching:Claudiakerr, Brlangston, New.incarnation, Rtengel, Av
Modified:2 May 2013
Family:N N De Brionne and N N De Falaise
Children:Aubree De Brione
Watching:Jameslhahn, Awputnam, Tammyhensel, Mebeforbes, Innoculator
Modified:28 Oct 2008
Family:Matthew Wing and Mary Unknown
Husband:EST 1552 - 16 OCT 1614
Wife:1552 - bef 24 Jul 1613
Marriage:1572, Banbury, Oxfordshire, England
Children:Unknown Wing (20); Fulke Wing (1); Thomas Wing (6); Sibill Wing (2); Elizabeth Wing (28...
Watching:Jreedernc, Katsus98040, Doris, Familytree, Sezurf, Marshall Surratt, Rjseaver...
Modified:5 Dec 2014
Family:Osmond De Centville and Unknown
Husband:960 -
Children:Fouque De Aulney
Watching:Kristyspillane, Brlangston, Klingonpixie, New.incarnation, Rtengel, Clover...
Modified:26 Apr 2009
Family:George Boone and Ann Fallace
Husband:ABT 1597 - 1676
Wife:BEF 1620 - BET 1650 AND 1719
Marriage:BET 1641 AND 1666
Watching:Solveig, Sandyebauer, Pawsonlady, Bettykay, JSeery, Mymadsenwikipages, Catcall, Brear47
Modified:17 Sep 2011
Family:O Unknown and Helen De Falaise
Children:William Unknown
Modified:9 Mar 2008
Family:Baldwin de Boulers and Sibyl de Falaise
Husband:abt 1080 -
Wife:abt 1088 - aft 1110
Children:Maude de Boulers (1); Hillaria de Boulers
Modified:21 Mar 2011
Family:Georg Boon and Ann Fallace
Husband:1561 - WFT Est 1624-1674
Wife:BET 1559 AND 1589 - BET 1625 AND 1678
Marriage:1600, Devonshire, England
Children:George Boone
Watching:Solveig, Pawsonlady, Brear47
Modified:19 May 2009
Family:Osmond De Centville and Unknown
Husband:960 - 990
Children:Fouque De Aulney
Watching:Ravencrest, Klingonpixie, Innoculator
Modified:8 Mar 2008
Family:Joseph Cowell and Martha Fales
Husband:29 Dec 1673 - 11 Mar 1761
Wife:29 Oct 1675 - 27 Oct 1737
Marriage:7 May 1701, Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
Children:Anna Cowell (4); Joseph Cowell (11); Ebenezer Cowell
Watching:Jrich, Lmuessig, Jhamstra
Modified:19 Dec 2011
Family:George Boone and Ann Fallace
Husband:1597 - 17 Nov 1646
Wife:1610 -
Marriage:1635, England
Children:George Boone
Watching:Jrm03063, Bhopper044, Brear47
Modified:8 Feb 2013
checked pages with Family:Herluin Conteville and Arlete Falaise (1)
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