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Person:Benjamin Borden
Birth:6 April 1675, Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey
Death:1743, Augusta County, Virginia
Parents:Benjamin Borden and Abigail Grover
Spouse:Zeruiah Winter
Watching:Barbarann, Quolla6, Jrm03063, Delijim, Efoote, Elaine52, Caryslady, Rogrin
Modified:11 Oct 2012
Givens Records in Chalkley's Chronicles
Surnames:Givens Records
Places:Chalkley's Chronicles
Modified:15 Aug 2013
YDNA. Givens
Modified:6 May 2013
Person:Gertien OP DEN GRAEF
Birth:1679, , Krefeld, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Death:1730, Providence, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA
Parents:Abraham Op Den Graeff and Catherina Jansen
Spouse:Richard Adams and Gertien Graeff
Watching:Klewis47,, Quolla6, Delijim, Tlmarshall, Ekjansen, Shly45
Modified:20 Oct 2014
Person:Henry Willis
Birth:14 Sep 1628, Warminster, Wiltshire, England
Death:11 July 1714, Westbury, Nassau, New York, United States
Spouse:Mary Pease
Watching:Janiejac, Unkleoskar, Quolla6, Jrich, Delijim, Brlangston
Modified:30 Jan 2013
Family:Benjamin Borden and Zeruiah Winter
Husband:6 April 1675 - 1743
Wife:aby. 1689/90 - 1751
Marriage:Bef. 1711
Children:Hannah Borden (3); Abigail Borden (3); John Borden (27); Rebecca Borden (6); Benjamin B...
Watching:Quolla6, Delijim, Efoote, Elaine52, Caryslady, Rogrin
Modified:1 Jul 2013
Person:William Dungan
Birth:1607, Celbridge, Kildare, Ireland
Death:20 Sep 1636, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Middlesex, England
Parents:Thomas Dungan and Mary Dungan (1); Thomas Dungan and Elizabeth Unknown
Spouse:Frances Latham
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Frozenflea, Quolla6, Fsieber, Bhopper044
Modified:16 Oct 2014
Person:Robert Kilgore
Birth:est. 1735-40, Ireland
Death:31 Dec 1782, Pound, Virginia, United States
Parents:Unknown Kilgore and Unknown Spouse
Spouse:Winifred Clayton
Watching:Quolla6, Phil.fletcher, Delijim, Djark, Dangar
Modified:29 Jul 2014
Family:Stephen Clayton and Mary Denham
Husband:1705 - 27 Jun 1784
Wife:30 Dec 1705 - about 1800
Marriage:Bef. 1730, Prob. Virginia
Children:John Clayton (37); William Clayton (55); Stephen Clayton (5); Winifred Clayton (2); Eli...
Watching:Gam3, GayelKnott, Quolla6, Borgsteede, Delijim
Modified:1 Aug 2014
Person:Richard Adams
Birth:1676, Hanover, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Death:24 MAR 1747, Providence, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA
Parents:Walter Adams and Elizabeth Unknown
Spouse:Gertien Graeff
Watching:Klewis47, Quolla6, Delijim, Tlmarshall, Shly45
Modified:20 Oct 2014
Family:Richard Adams and Gertien Graeff
Husband:1676 - 24 MAR 1747
Wife:1679 - 1730
Marriage:Abt. 1698, Germantown, Phila, PA, USA
Children:Susannah Adams (4); Ann Adams (26); Mary Adams (50); Elizabeth Addams (2); William Adam...
Watching:Klewis47, Quolla6, Delijim, Tlmarshall, Shly45
Modified:20 Oct 2014
Person:Patrick Porter
Birth:4 January 1731
Death:c1807, Fall Creek, Scott County, Virginia
Spouse:Susanna Walker
Watching:Quolla6, Delijim, RooAnnMccHew, 1 Twig
Modified:14 Jan 2013
Person:Zeruiah Winter
Birth:aby. 1689/90, Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey
Death:1751, Prince William County, Virginia
Parents:William Winter and Hannah Grover
Spouse:Benjamin Borden
Watching:Quolla6, Delijim, Elaine52, Rogrin
Modified:30 Sep 2012
Person:John Walker III
Birth:Mar 1705 , Wigtown, Wigtownshire, Scotland
Death:c1776, Washington, Virginia, United States
Parents:John Walker and Catherine Rutherford
Spouse:Ann Houston
Watching:Quolla6, Delijim, RooAnnMccHew, Jonmcrawford
Modified:16 Apr 2013
Person:Ann Houston
Birth:est 1715, Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle, Delaware
Death:probably bef 1770, Orange County, NC
Parents:Christopher Huston and Martha Unknown
Spouse:John Walker
Watching:Cowantex, Quolla6, Delijim, DataAnalyst
Modified:6 Feb 2014
Person:Winifred Clayton
Birth:ABT Mar 1740
Death:ABT 1815
Parents:Stephen Clayton and Mary Denham
Spouse:Robert Kilgore
Watching:Quolla6, Phil.fletcher, Delijim, Dangar
Modified:29 Jul 2014
Family:Robert Kilgore and Winifred Clayton
Husband:est. 1735-40 - 31 Dec 1782
Wife:ABT Mar 1740 - ABT 1815
Marriage:ABT 1763
Children:Charles Kilgore (5); Robert Kilgore (6); Stephen Kilgore (2); William Kilgore (14); Hir...
Watching:Quolla6, Phil.fletcher, Delijim, Dangar
Modified:29 Jul 2014
Image:YDNA R1b.jpg
Modified:21 Jan 2013
Person:James Kerrel (Carrel)
Birth:ABT 1666, Rathmiller,Ulster,Ireland
Death:10 Feb 1720, Bucks, Pennsylvania, United States
Spouse:Sarah Dungan
Watching:Quolla6, Fsieber, Annastanley
Modified:16 Oct 2014
Person:Susanna Walker
Birth:31 Mar 1739, Cecil County, Maryland
Parents:John Walker and Ann Houston
Spouse:Patrick Porter
Watching:Quolla6, Delijim, Mebeforbes
Modified:29 Sep 2014
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