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Source:New England Historical and Genealogical Register
Title:The New England Historical and Genealogical Register
Subject:Family tree
Year range:1847 -
Availability:Other; Paid website; Free website; Free website; Family history center; Family history ...
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Janiejac, Dayna, Jillaine, Jrich, BobC, Kennebec1, Cos1776...
Modified:11 Jan 2014
Cherokee Heritage Project
Year range:1000 - 2009
Watching:BobC, Delijim, Klmmc, Cthrnvl, Deeva
Modified:19 Nov 2014
Image:Cherokee Heritage.JPG
Places:North Carolina, United States
Watching:BobC, Delijim
Modified:31 Aug 2010
Surnames:Elizondo; Marquez; Marquez; Ramirez; Ramirez; Silva; Villarreal; Villarreal; Villarreal...
Places:Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico; Brownsville, Cameron, Texas, United States; Michoacán, M...
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Ajcrow, Janiejac, DFree, Jrich, JBS66, Bartsimpson, JeffreyRLehrer...
Modified:29 Nov 2015
Person:John Clark
Birth:9 Oct 1726, King and Queen, Virginia, United States
Death:bet 26 Jul 1799 and 1 Oct 1799, Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, United States
Parents:Jonathan Clark and Elizabeth Wilson
Spouse:Ann Rogers
Watching:Ajcrow, BobC, Delijim, Mhelmantoler, Cos1776, DataAnalyst, New.incarnation, Samples 59...
Modified:18 Jan 2014
Person:Gen. John Sevier
Birth:23 September 1745, Harrisonburg, Augusta (later Rockingham) County, Virginia
Death:24 September 1815, Fort Decatur (historic), Macon, Alabama, United States
Parents:Valentine Sevier and Joannah Goad
Spouse:Catherine Sherrill
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Kittydoc, Annette, Idogenealogy, Jrm03063, BobC, Parsa, Delijim
Modified:7 Nov 2013
Person:Gen. George Rogers Clark
Birth:9 Nov 1752, Albemarle, Virginia, United States
Death:13 Feb 1818, Locust Grove, near Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, United States
Parents:John Clark and Ann Rogers
Watching:Ajcrow, Jrm03063, BobC, Delijim, Cos1776, Cthrnvl, Khaentlahn, Samples 59
Modified:6 Apr 2015
Native American Research Guide
Watching:DFree, Jillaine, BobC, DianeT
Modified:20 Apr 2012
Source:Schutz, Noel. Shawnee Heritage I
Author:Schutz, Noel; Greene, Don
Title:Shawnee Heritage I
Subject:Ethnic/Cultural - Array
Availability:Free website; Free website
Watching:BobC, Cthrnvl
Modified:20 Aug 2009
Family:John Clark and Ann Rogers
Husband:9 Oct 1726 - bet 26 Jul 1799 and 1 Oct 1799
Wife:21 Oct 1728 - 24 Dec 1798
Marriage:abt 1749, Virginia
Children:Jonathan Clark (18); George Clark (116); Ann Clark (37); John Clark (270); Richard Clar...
Watching:BobC, Delijim, Mhelmantoler, Cos1776, DataAnalyst, Pfranson
Modified:18 Jan 2016
Person:Ann Rogers
Birth:21 Oct 1728, King and Queen, Virginia, United States
Death:24 Dec 1798, Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, United States
Parents:John Rogers and Rachel Eastham
Spouse:John Clark
Watching:BobC, Delijim, Mhelmantoler, DataAnalyst, Pfranson
Modified:17 Jan 2014
Alabama Research Guide
Watching:Beth, BobC, BettyJean, LulaBelle
Modified:28 Apr 2011
Jewish Research Guide
Watching:Jillaine, BobC, Kennebec1
Modified:5 Oct 2009
Family:John Sevier and Catherine Sherrill
Husband:23 September 1745 - 24 September 1815
Wife:ABT 1754 - OCT 1836
Marriage:14 AUG 1780, Washington County, Tennessee
Children:George Sevier (2); Ruth Sevier (2); Joanna Sevier (3); Samuel Sevier (1); Polly Sevier ...
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Annette, BobC, Delijim
Modified:14 Jun 2010
Person:Nancy Ward
Birth:20 Jul 1736, Chota, Tennessee, United States
Death:1822, Benton, Tennessee, United States
Parents:Skayagustuegwo Fivekiller and Tame Doe
Spouse:Chutlow Kingfisher
Watching:Seymour t, BobC, Cthrnvl, WaliniRose
Modified:25 Sep 2014
Family:Amatoya Moytoy and Quatsy Of Tellico
Husband:ca 1640 - 1730
Wife:ca 1650 - 1692
Marriage:1680, Cherokee Nation
Children:Tistoe Moytoy (1); Oukah-Ulah Moytoy (1); Unknown Do-yo-sti (1); Pigeon of Tellico (1);...
Watching:Seymour t, BobC, Efoote, Caryslady
Modified:10 Dec 2011
Person:Col. Arthur Campbell
Birth:3 November 1743, Augusta County, Virginia
Death:8 August 1811, Knox County, Kentucky
Parents:David Campbell and Mary Hamilton
Spouse:Margaret Campbell
Watching:Quolla6, BobC, Delijim, Cos1776
Modified:18 Jul 2014
OverMountain Men
Surnames:Bean; Clarke; Crokett; Greer; McDowell; Robertson; Sevier; Shelby
Places:West Virginia; Tennessee; North Carolina; Kings Mountain, North Carolina; Cowpens, Sout...
Year range:1770 - 1780
Watching:Quolla6, BobC
Modified:28 May 2009
Person:Amatoya Moytoy
Birth:ca 1640, Chota, Blount, Tennessee, United States
Parents:Thomas Carpenter and Pride Shawnee
Spouse:Quatsy Of Tellico
Watching:BobC, Efoote, Caryslady, Cthrnvl
Modified:6 May 2010
Family:Thomas Carpenter and Pride Shawnee
Husband:1607 - 1675
Marriage:1634-1635, Stinking River, Shawnee Nation, Virginia
Children:Pasmere Carpenter (1); Amatoya Moytoy
Watching:BobC, Efoote, Caryslady, Cthrnvl
Modified:14 Oct 2011
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