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Samwilson/A biography of Virginia GrebenikSamwilson/Catherine Munday sympathy thankyou cardSamwilson/Census 1851, Barker in Liverpool
Samwilson/Census 1881, Hancox at 30 Edge LaneSamwilson/Census 1891, Edge Lane LiverpoolSamwilson/Census 1891, Munday in Yarmouth
Samwilson/Census 1911, CroskerySamwilson/Census 1911, HancoxSamwilson/Certificate of Marriage of John Munday and Catherine Aldridge
Samwilson/Certificate of Marriage of Richard James Hancox and Marian Gilmour CroskerySamwilson/Certificate of birth of Charles Edward HancoxSamwilson/Certificate of birth of Frank Heeley Hancox
Samwilson/Certificate of birth of Harry Merrett HancoxSamwilson/Certificate of birth of James Denton BarkerSamwilson/Certificate of birth of Joan Nyria Hancox
Samwilson/Certificate of birth of Kathleen MundaySamwilson/Certificate of birth of Marian Gilmour CroskerySamwilson/Certificate of birth of Ralph Munday Denton Barker
Samwilson/Certificate of birth of Richard James HancoxSamwilson/Certificate of marriage of Connal MacConnal and Jeanie Croskery
Samwilson/Certificate of marriage of Harry Hancox and Maria Mary MerrettSamwilson/Certificate of marriage of James Barker and Kathleen MundaySamwilson/Certificate of marriage of Ralph Munday Denton Barker and Joan Nyria Hancox
Samwilson/Death certificate of Alice Rose MundaySamwilson/Descendents of John DentonSamwilson/James and Alice Munday memorial card 1875
Samwilson/Julia's research notes, 29 February 2012Samwilson/Letter from Fanny Cook to Catherine Munday, 11 June 1876
Samwilson/Letter from Fanny Cook to Catherine Munday, 29 November 1875Samwilson/Letter from H Cook to William Munday, 30 November 1875Samwilson/Marriage Certificate of Thomas Henry Barker and Mary Ellen Moulsdale, 25 August 1875
Samwilson/Marriage record of Samuel Croskery and Mary GilmourSamwilson/Munday family treeSamwilson/New Castle News 1915-05-04 page 7
Samwilson/New Milton 1956 phonebookSamwilson/Notice of execution of will of Richard Henry Merrett, 1924Samwilson/Obituary of John Hill Munday
Samwilson/Record of birth of Boyd Gilmour et al.Samwilson/Record of marriage of James Gilmour and Janet Akret.jpgSamwilson/Samuel Croskery, Yokohama 1905
Samwilson/The West Australian (Perth), Friday 13 January 1933, page 21, Clifton articleSamwilson/Warren Evening Times (Pennsylvania) 1915-05-04 p1 Mintern article