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'Ahau, Tongatapu, Tonga'Asir, Saudi Arabia'Esia, Niuafo'ou, Tonga
'Eua, Tonga'Ohonua, Tongatapu, Tonga'Otea, Vava'u, Tonga
'Uiha, Ha'apai, Tonga'Utui, Vava'u, Tonga'Utungake, Vava'u, Tonga
's-Graveland, Noord-Holland, Netherlands's-Graveland, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands's-Graven-Ambacht, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
's-Gravendeel, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands's-Gravenhage, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands's-Gravenhoek, Zeeland, Netherlands
's-Gravenmoer, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands's-Gravenpolder, Zeeland, Netherlands's-Gravenwaard, Gelderland, Netherlands
's-Gravenwezel, Antwerpen, Belgium's-Gravenzande, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands's-Gravesloot, Utrecht, Netherlands
's-Grevelduin-Capelle, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands's-Heer-Aartsberg, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands's-Heer Abtskerke, Zeeland, Netherlands
's-Heer Arendskerke, Zeeland, Netherlands's-Heer Hendrikskinderen, Zeeland, Netherlands's-Heerenberg, Bergh, Gelderland, Netherlands
's-Heerenberg, Gelderland, Netherlands's-Heerenelderen, Limburg, Belgium's-Heerenhoek, Zeeland, Netherlands
's-Herenelderen, Limburg, Belgium's-Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands's Gravenvoeren, Limburg, Belgium
't-Nieuwe Veen, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands't Faan, Groningen, Netherlands't Weergors, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
't Zandt, Groningen, Netherlands100th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)100th Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)
101st Illinois Infantry (Civil War)101st New York Infantry (Civil War)101st Ohio Infantry (Civil War)
101st Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)101st U.S. Colored Infantry (Civil War)102nd Illinois Infantry (Civil War)
102nd Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)103rd Illinois Infantry (Civil War)103rd Indiana Infantry (Civil War)
103rd Ohio Infantry (Civil War)104th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)104th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)
104th Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)105th New York Infantry (Civil War)105th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)
106th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)107th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)107th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)
107th New York Infantry (Civil War)107th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)108th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)
108th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)108th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)/Company K109th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)
109th New York Infantry (Civil War)10th (Johnson's) Kentucky Cavalry (CSA) (Civil War)10th Arkansas Cavalry (Civil War)
10th Battalion, North Carolina Heavy Artillery (Civil War)10th Illinois Cavalry (Civil War)10th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)
10th Iowa Infantry (Civil War)10th Kentucky Cavalry (CSA) (Civil War)10th Kentucky Cavalry (Civil War)
10th Kentucky Infantry (Civil War)10th Maine Infantry (Civil War)10th Massachusetts Infantry (Civil War)
10th Michigan Cavalry (Civil War)10th Minnesota Infantry (Civil War)10th Missouri Cavalry (CSA) (Civil War)
10th Missouri Cavalry (Civil War)10th New Hampshire Infantry (Civil War)10th New Jersey Infantry (Civil War)
10th New York Heavy Artillery (Civil War)10th New York Infantry (Civil War)10th Ohio Cavalry (Civil War)
10th Texas Cavalry (Civil War)10th Texas Cavalry (Nelson's) (Civil War)10th Vermont Infantry (Civil War)
10th Virginia Cavalry (Civil War)10th Virginia Cavalry (Civil War)/Company F10th Virginia Infantry (Civil War)
10th Virginia Infantry (Civil War)/Company I10th West Virginia Infantry (Civil War)10th Wisconsin Infantry (Civil War)
10th Wisconsin Light Artillery (Civil War)110th New York Infantry (Civil War)110th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)
111th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)111th New York Infantry (Civil War)111th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)
111th Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)112th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)112th New York Infantry (Civil War)
112th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)113th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)113th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)
114th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)114th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)114th New York Infantry (Civil War)
114th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)115th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)115th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)
116th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)117th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)117th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)
117th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)/Company Unknown117th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)118th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)
118th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)118th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)/Company B119th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)
11th Battalion, Texas Volunteers (Cavalry and Infantry) (Spaight's) (Civil War)11th Georgia Infantry (Civil War)11th Illinois Cavalry (Civil War)
11th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)11th Indiana Cavalry (Civil War)11th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)
11th Indiana Light Artillery (Civil War)11th Kansas Cavalry (Civil War)11th Kentucky Cavalry (CSA) (Civil War)
11th Kentucky Infantry (Civil War)11th Maine Infantry (Civil War)11th Maine Infantry (Civil War)/Company D
11th Michigan Cavalry (Civil War)11th Michigan Infantry (Civil War)11th Minnesota Infantry (Civil War)
11th Mississippi Infantry (Civil War)11th Missouri Infantry (Civil War)11th New Hampshire Infantry (Civil War)
11th New Jersery Infantry (Civil War)11th New Jersey Infantry (Civil War)11th New York Cavalry (Civil War)
11th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)11th Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)11th Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)/Company D
11th Texas Cavalry (Civil War)11th Vermont Infantry (Civil War)11th Virginia Infantry (Civil War)
11th Wisconsin Infantry (Civil War)120th New York Infantry (Civil War)121st New York Infantry (Civil War)
121st Ohio Infantry (Civil War)123d Indiana Infantry (Civil War)/Company A123rd Illinois Infantry (Civil War)
123rd Indiana Infantry (Civil War)123rd Indiana Infantry (Civil War)/Company D123rd Indiana Infantry (Civil War)/Company I
123rd Ohio Infantry (Civil War)124th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)124th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)
124th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)/Company B124th New York Infantry (Civil War)125th New York Infantry (Civil War)
126th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)127th New York Infantry (Civil War)127th U.S. Colored Infantry (Civil War)
128th New York Infantry (Civil War)128th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)128th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)/Company G
129th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)129th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)129th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)
12th Alabama Infantry (Civil War)12th Georgia Infantry (Civil War)12th Illinois Cavalry (Civil War)
12th Indiana Cavalry (Civil War)12th Iowa Infantry (Civil War)12th Kentucky Infantry (Civil War)
12th Louisiana Infantry (Civil War)12th Maine Infantry (Civil War)12th Massachusetts Light Artillery (Civil War)
12th Michigan Infantry (Civil War)12th New Jersey Infantry (Civil War)12th New York Cavalry (Civil War)
12th New York Infantry (Civil War)12th North Carolina Infantry (Civil War)12th North Carolina Infantry (Civil War)/Company A
12th Ohio Cavalry (Civil War)12th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)12th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)/Company B
12th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)/Company F12th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Civil War)12th Tennessee Infantry (Civil War)
12th Texas Cavalry (Civil War)12th Texas Infantry (Civil War)12th U.S. Infantry (Civil War)
12th Vermont Infantry (Civil War)12th Virginia Infantry (Civil War)12th Wisconsin Infantry (Civil War)
130th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)130th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)130th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)/Company B
130th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)/Company H130th New York Infantry (Civil War)131st Illinois Infantry (Civil War)
131st Ohio Infantry (Civil War)131st Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)132nd Illinois Infantry (Civil War)
132nd Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)133rd Indiana Infantry (Civil War)133rd Ohio Infantry (Civil War)
133rd Ohio Infantry (Civil War)/Company H134th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)134th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)
134th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)/Company A134th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)/Company B135th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)
135th Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)136th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)136th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)/Company D
136th New York Infantry (Civil War)136th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)136th Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)
137th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)137th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)138th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)
138th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)139th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)139th Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)
139th Virginia Militia (Civil War)13th Alabama Infantry (Civil War)13th Alabama Infantry (Civil War)/Company H
13th Georgia Infantry (Civil War)13th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)13th Indiana Cavalry (Civil War)
13th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)13th Iowa Infantry (Civil War)13th Kansas Infantry (Civil War)
13th Kentucky Cavalry (Civil War)13th Kentucky Infantry (Civil War)13th Maine Infantry (Civil War)
13th Michigan Infantry (Civil War)13th Michigan Light Artillery (Civil War)13th Missouri Infantry (Civil War)
13th New Hampshire Infantry (Civil War)13th New Jersey Infantry (Civil War)13th New York Infantry (Civil War)
13th New York Infantry (Civil War)/Company B13th North Carolina Infantry (Civil War)13th Ohio Calvary (Civil War)
13th Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)13th Tennessee Cavalry (Union) (Civil War)13th Texas Cavalry (Civil War)
13th U.S. Colored Infantry (Civil War)13th U.S. Infantry (Civil War)13th Vermont Infantry (Civil War)
13th Virginia Infantry (Civil War)13th West Virginia Infantry (Civil War)13th Wisconsin Infantry (Civil War)
13th Wisconsin Light Artillery (Civil War)140th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)140th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)/Company A
140th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)140th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)/Company C140th New York Infantry (Civil War)
140th Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)141st New York Infantry (Civil War)141st Ohio Infantry (Civil War)
142nd Indiana Infantry (Civil War)143rd Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)144th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)
144th New York Infantry (Civil War)144th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)145th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)
146th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)146th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)147th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)
147th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)/Company E147th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)/Company G147th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)/Company H
147th New York Infantry (Civil War)147th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)148th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)
148th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)148th Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)149th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)
149th Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)14th Georgia Infantry (Civil War)14th Georgia Infantry (Civil War)/Company B
14th Georgia Infantry (Civil War)/Company H14th Illinois Cavalry (Civil War)14th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)
14th Indiana Veteran Reserve Corps (Civil War)14th Iowa Infantry (Civil War)14th Kentucky Cavalry (Civil War)
14th Kentucky Infantry (Civil War)14th Maine Volunteer Infantry (Civil War)14th Maine Volunteer Infantry (Civil War)/Company I
14th Michigan Infantry (Civil War)14th Michigan Light Artillery (Civil War)14th Mississippi Infantry (Civil War)
14th New Hampshire Infantry (Civil War)14th New Jersey Infantry (Civil War)14th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)
14th Texas Cavalry (Johnson's Mounted Volunteers) (Civil War)14th Texas Infantry (Civil War)14th U.S. Infantry (Civil War)
14th West Virginia Infantry (Civil War)14th Wisconsin Infantry (Civil War)150th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)
150th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)/Company C150th Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)151st Indiana Infantry (Civil War)
151st Ohio Infantry (Civil War)152nd Illinois Infantry (Civil War)152nd Indiana Infantry (Civil War)
153rd Ohio Infantry (Civil War)154th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)154th New York Infantry (Civil War)
154th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)155th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)155th Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)
156th New York Infantry (Civil War)157th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)159th Missouri Infantry (Civil War)
15th-century European battles15th Illinois Cavalry (Civil War)15th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)
15th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)15th Kentucky Cavalry (Civil War)15th Massachusetts Light Artillery (Civil War)
15th Michigan Infantry (Civil War)15th Missouri Cavalry (Civil War)15th New Jersey Infantry (Civil War)
15th New York Cavalry (Civil War)15th New York Engineers (Civil War)15th North Carolina Infantry (Civil War)
15th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)15th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Civil War)15th Tennessee Infantry (Civil War)
15th Texas Cavalry (Civil War)15th Vermont Infantry (Civil War)15th Virginia Infantry (Civil War)
15th West Virginia Infantry (Civil War)15th West Virginia Infantry (Civil War)/Company B15th Wisconsin Infantry (Civil War)
160th Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)1620s Immigrants162nd New York Infantry (Civil War)
162nd Ohio Infantry (Civil War)1630s Immigrants164th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)
165th New York Infantry (Civil War)165th New York Infantry (Civil War)/Company D167th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)
167th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)/Company F167th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)/Company G169th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)
16th Georgia Infantry (Civil War)16th Georgia Infantry (Civil War)/Company G16th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)
16th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)/Company K16th Massachusetts Infantry (Civil War)16th Michigan Infantry (Civil War)
16th New Hampshire Infantry (Civil War)16th New Jersey Infantry (Civil War)16th New York Heavy Artillery (Civil War)
16th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)16th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Civil War)16th Virginia Cavalry (Civil War)
16th Virginia Infantry (Civil War)16th Virginia Infantry (Civil War)/Company C16th Virginia Light Artillery (Civil War)
170th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)171st Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)172nd Ohio Infantry (Civil War)
173rd Ohio Infantry (Civil War)175th Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)176th New York Infantry (Civil War)
176th Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)177th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)1790 Connecticut census
1790 Maine census1790 Maryland census1790 Massachusetts census
1790 New Hampshire census1790 New York census1790 North Carolina census
1790 Pennsylvania census1790 Rhode Island census1790 South Carolina census
1790 U.S. Census1790 Vermont census1790 Virginia census
179th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)179th Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)17th Alabama Infantry (Civil War)
17th Connecticut Infantry (Civil War)17th Illinois Cavalry (Civil War)17th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)
17th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)17th Iowa Infantry (Civil War)17th Maine Volunteer Infantry (Civil War)
17th Massachusetts Infantry (Civil War)17th New Jersey Infantry (Civil War)17th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)
17th Ohio Light Artillery (Civil War)17th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Civil War)17th South Carolina Infantry (Civil War)
17th Texas Cavalry (Civil War)17th Texas Cavalry (Civil War)/Company A17th Texas Dismounted Cavalry (Civil War)
17th Texas Infantry (Civil War)17th U.S. Infantry (Civil War)17th U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps (Civil War)
17th Vermont Infantry (Civil War)1800 Connecticut census1800 Kentucky census
1800 Maine census1800 Maryland census1800 Massachusetts census
1800 New Hampshire census1800 New York census1800 North Carolina census
1800 Ohio census1800 Pennsylvania census1800 Rhode Island census
1800 South Carolina census1800 U.S. Census1800 Vermont census
1800 Virginia census1810 Connecticut census1810 Delaware census
1810 Kentucky census1810 Maine census1810 Maryland census
1810 Massachusetts census1810 New Hampshire census1810 New York census
1810 North Carolina census1810 Pennsylvania census1810 Rhode Island census
1810 South Carolina census1810 U.S. Census1810 Vermont census
1810 Virginia census1810 West Virginia census1820 Connecticut census
1820 Delaware census1820 Georgia census1820 Illinois census
1820 Indiana census1820 Kentucky census1820 Louisiana census
1820 Maine census1820 Maryland census1820 Massachusetts census
1820 Michigan census1820 Mississippi census1820 New Hampshire census
1820 New York census1820 North Carolina census1820 Ohio census
1820 Pennsylvania census1820 Rhode Island census1820 South Carolina census
1820 Tennessee census1820 U.S. Census1820 Vermont census
1820 Virginia census1820 West Virginia census1821 Scotland Census
1830 Alabama census1830 Arkansas census1830 Connecticut census
1830 Delaware census1830 Georgia census1830 Illinois census
1830 Indiana census1830 Kentucky census1830 Louisiana census
1830 Maine census1830 Maryland census1830 Massachusetts census
1830 Michigan census1830 Mississippi census1830 Missouri census
1830 New Hampshire census1830 New York census1830 North Carolina census
1830 Ohio census1830 Pennsylvania census1830 Rhode Island census
1830 South Carolina census1830 Tennessee census1830 U.S. Census
1830 Vermont census1830 Virginia census1830 West Virginia census
183rd Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)1840 Alabama census1840 Arkansas census
1840 Connecticut census1840 Delaware census1840 Florida census
1840 Georgia census1840 Illinois census1840 Indiana census
1840 Iowa census1840 Kentucky census1840 Louisiana census
1840 Maine census1840 Maryland census1840 Massachusetts census
1840 Michigan census1840 Mississippi census1840 Missouri census
1840 New Hampshire census1840 New York census1840 North Carolina census
1840 Ohio census1840 Pennsylvania census1840 Rhode Island census
1840 South Carolina census1840 Tennessee census1840 U.S. Census
1840 Vermont census1840 Virginia census1840 West Virginia census
1841 England census1841 Scotland Census1841 U.K. Census
1847 Schwenningen Emigrant184th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)184th Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)
1850 Alabama census1850 Arkansas census1850 California census
1850 Connecticut census1850 Delaware census1850 Florida census
1850 Georgia census1850 Illinois census1850 Indiana census
1850 Iowa census1850 Kentucky census1850 Louisiana census
1850 Maine census1850 Maryland census1850 Massachusetts census
1850 Michigan census1850 Minnesota census1850 Mississippi census
1850 Missouri census1850 New Hampshire census1850 New Jersey census
1850 New Mexico census1850 New York census1850 North Carolina census
1850 Ohio census1850 Oregon census1850 Pennsylvania census
1850 Rhode Island census1850 South Carolina census1850 Tennessee census
1850 Texas census1850 U.S. Census1850 Utah census
1850 Vermont census1850 Virginia census1850 West Virginia census
1850 Wisconsin census1851 Census of Canada1851 England census
1851 Québec census1851 Scotland Census1851 U.K. Census
1852 Iowa census1855 Illinois census1855 Massachusetts census
1855 New York census1856 Iowa census185th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)
1860 Alabama census1860 Arizona census1860 Arkansas census
1860 California census1860 Connecticut census1860 Delaware census
1860 District of Columbia census1860 Florida census1860 Georgia census
1860 Illinois census1860 Indiana census1860 Iowa census
1860 Kansas census1860 Kentucky census1860 Louisiana census
1860 Maine census1860 Maryland census1860 Massachusetts census
1860 Michigan census1860 Minnesota census1860 Mississippi census
1860 Missouri census1860 New Hampshire census1860 New Jersey census
1860 New Mexico census1860 New York census1860 North Carolina census
1860 Ohio census1860 Oregon census1860 Pennsylvania census
1860 Rhode Island census1860 South Carolina census1860 Tennessee census
1860 Texas census1860 U.S. Census1860 Utah census
1860 Vermont census1860 Virginia census1860 Washington census
1860 West Virginia census1860 Wisconsin census1861 Census of Canada
1861 England census1861 Ontario census1861 Scotland Census
1861 U.K. Census1865 Kansas census1865 Massachusetts census
1865 New York census186th New York Infantry (Civil War)1870 Alabama census
1870 Arizona census1870 Arkansas census1870 California census
1870 Colorado census1870 Connecticut census1870 Delaware census
1870 Florida census1870 Georgia census1870 Idaho census
1870 Illinois census1870 Indiana census1870 Iowa census
1870 Kansas census1870 Kentucky census1870 Louisiana census
1870 Maine census1870 Maryland census1870 Massachusetts census
1870 Michigan census1870 Minnesota census1870 Mississippi census
1870 Missouri census1870 Montana census1870 Nebraska census
1870 New Hampshire census1870 New Jersey census1870 New Mexico census
1870 New York census1870 North Carolina census1870 Ohio census
1870 Oregon census1870 Pennsylvania census1870 Rhode Island census
1870 South Carolina census1870 South Dakota census1870 Tennessee census
1870 Texas census1870 U.S. Census1870 Utah census
1870 Vermont census1870 Virginia census1870 Washington census
1870 West Virginia census1870 Wisconsin census1870 Wyoming census
1871 Census of Canada1871 England census1871 Nova Scotia census
1871 Ontario census1871 Scotland Census1871 U.K. Census
1875 Kansas census1875 New York census1880 Alabama census
1880 Arizona census1880 Arkansas census1880 California census
1880 Colorado census1880 Connecticut census1880 Dakota Territory census
1880 Delaware census1880 District of Columbia census1880 Florida census
1880 Georgia census1880 Idaho census1880 Illinois census
1880 Indiana census1880 Iowa census1880 Kansas census
1880 Kentucky census1880 Louisiana census1880 Maine census
1880 Maryland census1880 Massachusetts census1880 Michigan census
1880 Minnesota census1880 Mississippi census1880 Missouri census
1880 Montana census1880 Nebraska census1880 Nevada census
1880 New Hampshire census1880 New Jersey census1880 New Mexico census
1880 New York census1880 North Carolina census1880 Ohio census
1880 Oregon census1880 Pennsylvania census1880 Rhode Island census
1880 South Carolina census1880 South Dakota census1880 Tennessee census
1880 Texas census1880 U.S. Census1880 Utah census
1880 Vermont census1880 Virginia census1880 Washington census
1880 West Virginia census1880 Wisconsin census1880 Wyoming census
1881 Census of Canada1881 England census1881 Ontario census
1881 Québec census1881 Scotland Census1881 U.K. Census
1884 Michigan census1885 Iowa census1885 Kansas census
1885 New Jersey census1885 Washington census188th Pennsylvania Infantry (Civil War)
1890 Louisiana census1890 Maine census1890 Missouri census
1890 Pennsylvania census1890 U.S. Census1891 Census of Canada
1891 England census1891 Ontario census1891 Scotland Census
1891 U.K. Census1892 New York census1894 Michigan census
1895 Iowa census1895 Kansas census189th New York Infantry (Civil War)
18th Alabama Infantry (Civil War)18th Battalion, Louisiana Cavalry (Civil War)18th Illinois Infantry (Civil War)
18th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)18th Indiana Infantry (Civil War)/Company F18th Iowa Infantry (Civil War)
18th Kentucky Infantry (Civil War)18th Maine Infantry (Civil War)18th Massachusetts Infantry (Civil War)
18th Mississippi Cavalry (Civil War)18th Missouri Infantry (Civil War)18th New Hampshire Infantry (Civil War)
18th New Jersey Infantry (Civil War)18th New York Infantry (Civil War)18th North Carolina Infantry (Civil War)
18th North Carolina Infantry (Civil War)/Company B18th North Carolina Infantry (Civil War)/Company E18th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)
18th Tennessee Infantry (Civil War)18th Texas Cavalry (Civil War)18th U.S. Infantry (Civil War)
18th Wisconsin Infantry (Civil War)1900 Alabama census1900 Arizona census
1900 Arkansas census1900 California census1900 Colorado census
1900 Connecticut census1900 Delaware census1900 District of Columbia census
1900 Florida census1900 Georgia census1900 Idaho census
1900 Illinois census1900 Indian Territory census1900 Indiana census
1900 Iowa census1900 Kansas census1900 Kentucky census
1900 Louisiana census1900 Maine census1900 Maryland census
1900 Massachusetts census1900 Michigan census1900 Military and Naval census
1900 Minnesota census1900 Mississippi census1900 Missouri census
1900 Montana census1900 Nebraska census1900 Nevada census
1900 New Hampshire census1900 New Jersey census1900 New Mexico census
1900 New York census1900 North Carolina census1900 North Dakota census
1900 Ohio census1900 Oklahoma census1900 Oregon census
1900 Pennsylvania census1900 Rhode Island census1900 South Carolina census
1900 South Dakota census1900 Tennessee census1900 Texas census
1900 U.S. Census1900 Utah census1900 Vermont census
1900 Virginia census1900 Washington census1900 West Virginia census
1900 Wisconsin census1900 Wyoming census1901 Census of Canada
1901 England census1901 Ireland Census1901 Ontario census
1901 Québec census1901 Scotland Census1901 U.K. Census
1905 Iowa census1905 Kansas census1905 New Jersey census
1905 New York census1905 Wisconsin census1906 Canada census
1906 Census of Canada1906 Census of Prairie Provinces1906 Saskatchewan census
1910 Alabama census1910 Arizona census1910 Arkansas census
1910 California census1910 Colorado census1910 Connecticut census
1910 Delaware census1910 District of Columbia census1910 Florida census
1910 Georgia census1910 Hawaii census1910 Idaho census
1910 Illinois census1910 Indiana census1910 Iowa census
1910 Kansas census1910 Kentucky census1910 Louisiana census
1910 Maine census1910 Maryland census1910 Massachusetts census
1910 Michigan census1910 Minnesota census1910 Mississippi census
1910 Missouri census1910 Montana census1910 Nebraska census
1910 Nevada census1910 New Hampshire census1910 New Jersey census
1910 New Mexico census1910 New York census1910 North Carolina census
1910 North Dakota census1910 Ohio census1910 Oklahoma census
1910 Oregon census1910 Pennsylvania census1910 Rhode Island census
1910 South Carolina census1910 South Dakota census1910 Tennessee census
1910 Texas census1910 U.S. Census1910 Utah census
1910 Vermont census1910 Virginia census1910 Washington census
1910 West Virginia census1910 Wisconsin census1910 Wyoming census
1911 Alberta census1911 British Columbia census1911 Census of Canada
1911 Ireland Census1911 Manitoba census1911 Ontario census
1911 Québec census1911 Saskatchewan census1911 Scotland Census
1911 U.K. Census1915 Iowa census1915 Kansas census
1915 New York census1916 Census of Prairie Provinces1916 Manitoba Census
1916 Manitoba census1916 Saskatchewan Census1916 Saskatchewan census
1920 Alabama census1920 Alaska census1920 Arizona census
1920 Arkansas census1920 California census1920 Colorado census
1920 Connecticut census1920 Delaware census1920 District of Columbia census
1920 Florida census1920 Georgia census1920 Hawaii census
1920 Idaho census1920 Illinois census1920 Indiana census
1920 Iowa census1920 Kansas census1920 Kentucky census
1920 Louisiana census1920 Maine census1920 Maryland census
1920 Massachusetts census1920 Michigan census1920 Minnesota census
1920 Mississippi census1920 Missouri census1920 Montana census
1920 Nebraska census1920 Nevada census1920 New Hampshire census
1920 New Jersey census1920 New Mexico census1920 New York census
1920 North Carolina census1920 North Dakota census1920 Ohio census
1920 Oklahoma census1920 Oregon census1920 Pennsylvania census