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Borden's Grant Settlers/Upper North RiverBorden's Grant Settlers/Upper South RiverBorden's Grant Settlers/Walkers and Hays Creek
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BurgerlijkeStandZEBurgerlijkeStandZHButcher. Genealogical and personal history of the upper Monongahela Valley, West Virginia/v2/p457/Hall, Thomas
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Cclean/docCensus Data for Merrill Willis of Estill and Madison Counties, KY, 1850-1910Census Linkage Caveat
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Cook, Michael L. Fayette County, Kentucky Records/v4p271Cooper Family of Southwest VirginiaCooper Tapestry
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DeDead LinkDeclaration of Independence
DedhamMAFoundersDeed/Virginia/Harrison/Johnstone, Peter 1824Deed/West Virginia/Harrison/Johnstone, Peter 1824
Defence1635InfoDeposition Abstract/Virginia/Lancaster/Ball, Spencer 1769
Descendant of Aarron Stark 1608-1685Description
Dickey, John Jay. Autobiography and Diary/Interview/Couch, IraDiligent1638InfoDisambiguation:Andrew Cowan
Disambiguation:Carter Family in Southwest VirginiaDisambiguation:Crunk-CrankDisambiguation:Elisha Wallen
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Early Settlers of AugustaEarly Settlers of RockbridgeEastern Ontario Research
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Edmondson Tapestry
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Historic-photo-snippetHistoricalHistorical Marker/USA/VA/Tazewell/XP-5 Abb's Valley
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HopewellSept1635InfoHopewellWeymouth1635InfoHoppin, Charles A. Washington Ancestry/v1p433/Chinn, Charles
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Index2:History of Southwest VirginiaIndex:Exploration of SW VAIndex:Indian Attacks in Southwest Virginia
Indian Attacks in Southwest VirginiaIndian Attacks in Southwest Virginia Simple DataInfoTrac
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IrelandPeerageHeaderIssues for the genealogy of Davis Stockton of Albemarle County, VirginiaIt
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Keffer gravestone Zion Vaughan 1Keffer gravestone Zion Vaughan 2
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Kentucky Willis Tapestry
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Kilmacrenan, Drumaboden, Derry, IrelandKing Person's of Interest
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Known Alexander Campbells in Old AugustaKnown Charles Campbell's in Old AugustaKnown David Campbell's in Old Augusta
Known Isabella Patterson's in Old AugustaKnown James Campbells in Old AugustaKnown James Patterson's in Old Augusta
Known Jane Patterson's in Chalkley's ChroniclesKnown John Campbell's in Old Augusta
Known John Patterson's in Old AugustaKnown Mathew Patterson's in Old AugustaKnown Person Header
Known Robert Campbell's of Old AugustaKnown Robert Patterson's in Old AugustaKnown William Campbell's of Old Augusta
KwartierstaatLGPLLambton local provision
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Lancaster County Order Book No. 3, 1686-1696/p316Land Ownership for the early Cowan's Gap Cowans
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Loudoun, Virginia, United States. Loudoun County Will Book A/p290/Will/Chinn, Elijah/Dent paragraphsLoudoun County Deed Book O, 1784-1785/Chinn, ChristopherLow resolution license
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