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{{portal-box {{portal-box
-|title=Nederlandse WeRelate-groep+|title=Other languages
|color=rgb(172, 225, 175) |color=rgb(172, 225, 175)
|content= |content=
*[[WeRelate:Nederlandse WeRelate-groep|Nederlandse WeRelate-groep]] *[[WeRelate:Nederlandse WeRelate-groep|Nederlandse WeRelate-groep]]
 +*[[Contributeurs francophones]] <small>(en projet)</small>
}} }}

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WeRelate Maintenance

Would you like to help WeRelate become a better place for genealogists? WeRelate continually needs volunteers who can assist in maintaining and improving the website.
We encourage you to become involved in one of the areas below. If you're interested in helping out, leave a message on the task’s talk page. Thank you!
Support for WeRelate volunteers is provided by the Overview committee.

Primary Portals
Community · Maintenance · Person · Family · Article · Place · Repository · Source · MySource · Image

Operational tasks
Quality patrols
User support
WeRelate promotion
Software Development
Other languages

Financial contributions to WeRelate's Foundation for On-Line Genealogy are greatly appreciated as well! Donate now.

Questions? Concerns? Leave a message on this talk page.