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(erreur de filiation ... ce couple n'a pas pour fille "Brigitte Heger")
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<husband title="Pieter Eigers (1)" given="Pieter" surname="Eigers"/> <husband title="Pieter Eigers (1)" given="Pieter" surname="Eigers"/>
<wife title="Bersina Freesens (1)" given="Bersina" surname="Freesens"/> <wife title="Bersina Freesens (1)" given="Bersina" surname="Freesens"/>
-<child title="Brigitte Eigers (1)" given="Brigitte Eigers" surname="de Geer" birthdate="abt 1760" birthplace="Dunkirk, Nord, France" deathdate="1 Oct 1848" deathplace="Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands"/> 
<event_fact type="Marriage" desc="none"/> <event_fact type="Marriage" desc="none"/>
</family> </family>
<show_sources_images_notes/> <show_sources_images_notes/>

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